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Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Part One I want to be me. Free to do as I want. I hate the humdrum of every day life, sharing a house with those others. I don’t want to repeat the mistakes they made. What’s wrong with me choosing to study, spending time in my room, working on my computer? Yours TrulyPart TwoI’m doing them no harm. Let them sink lagers and puff on joints. If that’s what does it for them, then fine. I’d rather use my brain than fuse it. This computer is the door of opportunity for me. When I log on I never know where I’ll end up.Mike W.Part Three Or who I'll meet on the way. There are so many voices on the internet, their faces made up only by the words they type. That's how I met the most important person in my life right now. A person that would give me the opportunity I so badly needed.Louis V.Part FourThe opportunity had been a long time coming but now it had arrived, it was decision time. All the hope and hard work I had put in was about to pay dividends. In front of me, on screen. A new beginning at my fingertips. It really was ‘now or never’Dave F.Part FiveSure, I had a good job, one I really liked; how many people can say that? Indispensable? Yes ... NO, of course not, my ego isn't THAT big, is it? But still, his proposal was so very tempting.Deb F.Part SixBut like many proposals and cherry pie ideas, there was always the small print to consider. What was hidden and what was extra? Maybe it seemed too good and then it could be that I was being overly cautious. Only time and truth would reveal if it would work outMark W.Part SevenIndecision struck yet again. Should I do this? Oh Lord, yes! I must and it had to be now. I needed to check the details, ensure the offer was genuine and without hidden agenda's. Then I could commit myself to a life-changing career. "Stuart Fox," he answered. Dave FPart Eight“Umm…yes” I replied, feeling hesitant.“Ahh excellent….glad you made the choice.” He said, grinning.I felt like I had been offered prime shore front property in Arizona with a great view of the beach! Ok then, once more unto the breach…or something like that.“Where do I sign?” I said.Mark WPart Nine‘Sure you don’t want to think about it? Talk it over with your friends first?’I hesitated – but just for a moment. Why should I talk it over with anyone else?Wasn’t I capable of making a decision like this? Why did I need to ask anyone else’s permission?Morag C.Part TenAfter all, who could turn down the chance of a lifetime to own a piece of television history? Here I am about to spend my life savings on a screen legend car, sitting there gleaming in the summer sun, just waiting to be mine.Gordon MPart ElevenNo other automobile would ever come close to this, such glory, such class......such utter delusion! Was I really going to spend close to ten thousand pounds on a scrappy old car with three wheels? It's legendary owner wouldn't have gone near this deal with a bargepole, not so luv’ly jubbly!Mark WPart TwelveHe must think I'm mad! Trying to off-load Del Boy's trusty old steed. Hang on! Didn't its load of blow-up dolls do just that, sending it to the great breakers yard in the sky? It's a scam! There's got to be something better out there. Now what about blow-up dolls....?Dave F
Part Thirteen
     ‘Ooohh, a seedy market....and me with a wholesome reputation` I

     What would the neighbours say if I started having people coming to the door, adorned in raincoat and then walking away with their future passion?  
     Little did I know that they came in a box and not already inflated.
     Mark W


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