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Friday, July 21, 2006


Hello all,

We are delighted to announce that the winner of the Online Scribblers themed writing competition June 2006 is Jojo with her thoroughly entertaining and beautifully written account of her hobby of 'peoplewatching' entitled Not A Nosey Parker At All. Well done Jojo. Click here to read

We would like to thank everyone who took part in the competition and all those who cast their votes in support of the authors.

As the voting this time was very close we feel that it is appropriate to publish the results in full so that those who entered but did not win will know that they came so very close.

Total votes cast by both the online and offline votes was 31
Winner - Jojo - 7
Joint second were:Morag - 6
Debbie - 6
Dave - 6
Vincent - 6

We would like to take this opportunity to remind you all that TWO competitions are currently running. A writing competition (max word count 1,500 ish) with the theme 'Summer' and a poetry competition also with the theme 'Summer' - There are already a few submissions but you have plenty of time to enter as the closing date for both competitions is 31st August 2006.

Conditions for both competitions are online in the forums.If you would like to read Jojo's winning entry, or view the submissions so far in the other competitions please visit the forums at www.onlinescribblers.com

As the membership of Online Scribblers has grown substantially in recent weeks, and also the amount of members' work in the forums is increasing, we have decided that to best protect the copyright of our members' work a more selective method of membership registration should be put in place.

To this end we have introduced admin validation of new members. This will mean that from now on any new membership application will be approved or rejected by admin.Online applications -

After receiving an online application for membership admin will send an e-mail to applicant asking them to give a brief profile of themselves. If the candidate is suitable then their application will be approved.

Referrals - Applications can me made by referral. If an existing member would like to refer someone for membership you should send an e-mail to admin with your request. If the candidate is suitable then we will pre-register the new member and send them the log-in details.

We feel that the above measures will not only protect our members' copyright but will ensure that new members from now on will be participating members, this will help to build the forums into a truly interactive community.

Debra & Dave
Online Scribblers admin team


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