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Friday, July 21, 2006


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Felixstowe Scribblers Report of Meeting 18TH July 2006

Apologies Caz and Jack, Judy, Gordon, Lisa and Christine.

In attendance. Scott, Tony, Dick, Alex, Zoe, Liliane, Faye, Les, Mavis, Kate, Morag, Ruth, Sheila and Dave.


A Welcome back to Les who feels better after missing a few meetings and also to Kate whose letter posted mid June to Dave explaining about a bereavement, and also enclosed an entry for the last writing competition together with votes for the previous one, was misdirected by the Royal Mail and took four weeks to reach its destination!

An update on Jack.

Caz tells me in a text message that Jack is in bed all the time now, suffering some pain that is eased with massage and hot water bottles. He is not sleeping properly and only eats little bits. He is fed up but still retains his good humour. They send their love to the all Scribblers

A message Judy

We had some devastating news while we were away sailing - Ron's sister has been diagnosed with acute leukaemia. She is in Ipswich hospital for 6 weeks having chemo etc. The prognosis is not particularly good.
Naturally, we made to head for home but the b.... wind turned against us so after 4 days hanging about we left the boat in Belgium, arriving home on Tuesday. We have been trying to support Dorothy as we are the only family close-by. However, we head back to Belgium on Sunday, hopefully to sail the boat home - fingers crossed. I am not at all sure when I shall next be at Scribblers because life is so hectic at present.
Ron's sister is in the throes of selling her barge and has bought a cottage which is having mountains of building work, so we are bearing the brunt of selling, organising, visiting etc. Time to write is non existent. However, I shall keep in touch and be back as soon as things have sorted out one way or the other. Give my best wishes to one and all - especially Caz and Jack. Judy

Gordon has had to take his son Kristian back to Bristol, Lisa is unable to get a baby sitter whilst Christine is a lot better now after her fall and hopes to be back with us next meeting.

Congratulations to Scott and Aimee

They have learned that they will be able to move into their new home during the first week of August.

An offer from Maureen Budner in memory of Bill.

Maureen contacted us about two weeks ago with the following message.
"I would like to do something for Scribblers in memory of Bill so wondered if you had any thoughts on the matter. I did think perhaps of a writing competition for young people in conjunction with the library - I would provide the money for admin, prizes etc. If you think this is a worthy idea and want to pursue it, please let me know or if there is something else I can do."

After a discussion the meeting agreed that the best thing we could do, so that the Felixstowe Scribblers will be able to enter, would be to run an open writing competition for all age groups, and run this it in conjunction with Felixstowe Library. A suggestion that the Library staff may like to judge the competition producing a short list of the best stories and that Maureen and her family may like to select the winner from the short list.

Dave will follow up with the Library and then pass our thoughts to Maureen.

If you have you any further thoughts on this kind offer then please email me at

Dave was mentioned in last weekends Observer newspaper - completely unaware and, of course, unpaid! It related to UFOs over Suffolk and referred to the 'testament' that appears on the BBC Radio Suffolk website at

A follow-up to the invite from the BBC Radio Suffolk website to submit short stories for inclusion on the site. There has been a reasonable response and some stories will be forwarded sometime this week to the BBC. Anyone interested should submit their stories between 70 and 100 words, to me scribblers@ntlworld.com for onward posting to the BBC. Some suggested themes are :

first love … dark secret … best journey … bad luck … funniest minute of my life …
The website can be viewed at

BBC Radio Suffolk Website has also asked for 'volunteers' to write a review of forthcoming theatre productions in the area. Free tickets for the productions will be supplied. I have a list of interested members and will forward these to the BBC.


Recently it was suggested that we include a short 15-minute session on character building, but other issues overtook this plan. However we now have further ideas to enhance our meetings.
Firstly some time should be allotted to discussing writing issues such as the one mentioned. Secondly, from time to time we will have an unannounced writing session of up to 15 minutes on a specific subject - (Sheila suggested using the first line or sentence from one book, the final line or sentence from another and then write the story in between).


Finally The Lost Sock premiere took place at the excellent Spa Pavilion venue with over 400 attending. Ruth's interviews of some of the personalities can now be viewed at http://felixstowetv.co.uk/sock/ DVD's are on sale at £8 plus postage. Contact giles@felixstowetv.co.uk


Another success was our visit to Woodbridge Library as part of the BBC RaW campaign, There were nearly three dozen prospective writers, staff and members of the Scribblers in attendance and there is a lot of interest in setting up a Woodbridge group. Our own Online Membership has increased since then, Thanks to all the scribblers who came along.


There are now 37 members of the Online Community

The winner of the June short story competition is an online member, Jojo. Her winning entry can be read by members at http://www.onlinescribblers.com/ Well done Jojo! Voting was keen and there was only one vote between the winner and the last place!

Two new competitions are now open for submissions. We know that most people have more on their minds at this time of year than our competitions so that's why we have decided to run two competitions concurrently until the end of August - There's plenty of time to think about your entry. One entry in each competition per member. The theme for both is 'Summer' with a word count for the writing competition up to around 1,500 words. There is no line limit on poetry.
All submissions will be shown anonymously meaning that the entries will be judged purely on their merit. Send your entries by email, preferably as an attachment, to summer@onlinescribblers.com and 'Newsbot' will enter them into the competition. Hope this will meet with everyone's approval.

If you are already a member of Online Scribblers, please consider entering the competitions or join in the forums. If you are not a member, then why not register and join in the competitions?

THE WEBLOG NEWS at http://nar8or.blogspot.com

A slow period at present, what with World Cup football, tennis and the hot, hot summer weather. The site has far exceeded the 6,000 hits with the number of pages visited well over 12,000.
If you have any news or items you would like to include on either the weblog or the new website at http://nar8or.blogspot.com/ then please email Alex at


Mavis: Moving On: The full version of the story that Mavis began at our last meeting following on from the ultimatum to keep her baby or lose her partner, and how her values change as a young mother.

Alex : Extracts from the first chapter of a book whose main character is Asian. It is a vibrant story that has many possible story lines to follow. The character is jet lagged, drunk and hungover. Tries to chat up a woman on the plane, is stopped by customs.

Faye: Chapter 2 of her futuristic story 'BOATERBIKES'. The story is very imaginative and received some very positive feedback..Faye also produced a set of illustrations of each of her characters.

Liliane: Kitty's Holiday Letter a hilarious tale about a visit to a Perfume factory including a verbal assault on the poor coach driver.

Zoe: Heatwave:Once again our resident poet produced some flowing lines that captured all the symptoms of a heatwave.

Les: The Challenge. Told of a 4-year-old child with Spina bifida arriving at his grandparents early one morning. He had set out and completed the walk for the very first time.

Sheila: Shared the short stories for BBC - Best Secrets, Short Journeys and First Love.

Kate: Client. A poem based on a real life wealthy man who had material wealth and a fortune that was decidedly dodgy.

Dick: Buy Me An Ice Cream Mister. A young girl runs out in front of his bicycle then asks for an ice cream … There is nowhere nearby except a quarry… Young Alice had been killed by a car years before.

Morag: Tumbleweed Plain: Her rediscovered first novel, a western, that is being re-written. In this excerpt, a prairie fire and the dangers of tumbleweed..

Tony: Read out submissions for the BBC Radio Suffolk website including First Love and Photogenics.

Ruth: Family Snap: The continuation of the story based on a 15 year old girl whose mother was mugged. Ruth has captured the authentic teenage attitude and is producing another really gripping tale.

Scott: A Little Trim. The Scott we all know and love! Written from a lambs perspective it is an enjoyable story of life on a farm…

Dave: A Cool Summer's Day. A normal day, train services on time, busy work routine in London then the journey home and the sudden wave of heat at Saxmundham..

THE NEXT MEETING will be held on Tuesday 1st August at 7.30pm


1,500 WORD OPEN-THEMED WORK will be produced by Les and Liliane.

Until next time

Keep Scribbling!


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