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Saturday, August 19, 2006


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Felixstowe Scribblers Report of Meeting 15th August 2006

Apologies were received from Kay who should, subject to flights, be in Norway, Mavis, who is on a residential writing course, Gordon who is caring for Rexie prior to a hospital procedure, and Liliane who is in Belgium.

And my sincerest apologies because in the last report - heaven knows how or why, I recorded Mavis as Muriel and Liliane's daughter as Marsha instead of Rani. It must be creeping senility!

Also apologies that our crockery and provisions (biscuits!!!) were locked in the meeting room kitchen at the Library. Not certain what happened there but the investigations continue!

In attendance were Scott, Tony, Di, Peter, Dick, Alex, Ruth, Louis, Les, Debra, Sheila, Ann, Kate, Morag, Zoe, and Dave.

The meeting began with a one-minute silence for


As you will be aware, our young friend Jack passed away last Friday at the tender age of 12. A Service to celebrate his life will be held at 2 pm on Monday 21st August at St Mary's Church, Walton, Felixstowe, Suffolk. This will be followed by a committal at Ipswich Crematorium at 3.15 pm then afterwards at the family home in Felixstowe.

Donations can be made to East Anglia Children's Hospices or CLIC Sergeant. via East of England Co-operative Society Funeral Services 213 High Street, Walton, Felixstowe, IP11 9BQ. The Scribblers have chosen the charity that Jack had supported himself, the East Anglia Children's Hospices and if you would like to contribute please contact scribblers@ntlworld.com

There have been many emails and messages received from all over the world and these have been forwarded to Caz and Karl. They have replied :

Dear Dave and All Our Friends

We are overwhelmed and in tears to read so many wonderful messages of love and sympathy from so many lovely, caring people. God Bless you all and thank you.

The house is like a florist and the postman brings in excess of 20 cards a day - a true measure of how much love there is in this World for Jack and for us. We are very, very grateful to everyone and feel very humble.

See you on Monday if you can make it but it you can't we understand.

Lots of love to you all

Caz, Karl and Kai xxx

You may like to know that both the Ipswich Evening Star and the East Anglian have featured Caz and Karl's tributes to Jack.


It was welcome back to the fold for Ann who has been missing for a number of meetings. She has been very busy of late, not least with a position at Landguard Fort, together with a writing course that has benefited from a change of tutor. Peter has returned from refreshed and better from holiday.

A special welcome to Debra who came along to Scribblers for a meeting about five years ago but has been keeping in touch online. She recently went on a residential writing course with the Arvon Foundation (which she highly recommends) and returned come home all fired up and raring to go again. Debra enjoys fiction and also writing dialogue so has signed up for the play-writing day at the Seckford Theatre.

From way down under, in Australia, Geoff and Belinda have sent their fondest wishes to all their friends at Scribblers.

Congratulations to Scott and Aimee who have finally moved into their new home so should feel a bit more comfortable now.

Morag has been informed that the sequel to her last book, Green Wellies and Wax Jackets will be published, hopefully quite soon.

Under Kindred Spirits in the Ipswich Evening Star Dave recalls memories of his younger (much younger!) days in Ipswich, including an encounter with well-known Australian celebrity Rolf Harris…


Contact has been made with the Library over the kind offer by Maureen Budner for a writing competition in memory of her late husband Bill.

Basically the plan is to organise a writing competition open to all ages with leaflets being distributed at Felixstowe Library and information also available via the Scribblers websites. It is possible that Maureen will offer a theme for the competition, or, it may be an open topic. We will need to set a word limit, prepare entry forms and rules. Felixstowe Library are willing to read each entry then select five or six stories that will be passed to Maureen for her to choose the winner. There is no rush to organise the competition although it would be best to start the ball rolling soon.

Felixstowe TV are currently discussing possible plot lines for their locally based blockbuster and will soon be making contact with us. It is possible that most of the original Lost Sock scriptwriting team will be invited to create the script.

The Felixstowe Scribblers, photographs and all, are featured in the September edition of Writers' News whilst Morag is published again, this time in the Writers' Magazine.

The short stories that were supplied to the BBC Radio Suffolk Website have been published on the website and can be viewed at

Tony is hosting an Evening of Musical Mayhem on Saturday 23rd September. Admission is by full bottle of liquid and packets of nibbles - details from Tony at the next meeting(s).


Membership has crept up to 42 in number. There have been nearly three hundred posts on the site and there are still the August poetry and short story competitions on the subject 'Summer' to enter. Not only are they free but good fun and will be a real morale booster if you win. Have you entered yet? If not, then why not have a go. The entries are anonymous, voting by members will also be anonymous so that is another good reason to have a go! Entries should be sent to
summer@onlinescribblers.com for short stories or summerpoetry@onlinescribblers.com
The competitions close on 31st August.

Debbie has worked hard fine tuning the site, and is continuing to do so.

THE WEBLOG NEWS at http://nar8or.blogspot.com

The weblog keeps rolling along, with topical and informative items together with details of competitions being included from time to time. There has been a sudden and significant drop in the hits from the USA that seems strange, but generally the site is well supported from not only our local area, but from other parts of the world too. Nice to know that we are still attracting international visitors.

If you have any news or items you would like to include on either the weblog or the new site then please contact Alex at fswebsite@hotmail.co.uk.

THE WEBSITE at http://felixstowescribbler.com

The site is up and running and attracting a few more hits recently. It will be updated soon with our Jack sadly being added to the In Memoriam pages.



Morag read the second chapter of her rediscovered Western novel. The cowboy Jude is on the run and heads to the hills. There he discovers a terrified young woman who thinks that he may have been the one who raped her…

Tony continued his story of the student who found himself trapped in a sealed room with a leaking gas cylinder. He survives and gradually the plot emerges that the attempted assassination was to do with the Americans whose country is in turmoil with the balance of power shifting following the Alaskan Revolution.


Debra: An Unfinished Conversation: A successful first attempt at dialogue involving a two way conversation between a man and his wife and the constant interruptions of Winston the dog.
Kate: Three poems: Everything But: Lighthouse Keeper: Anniversary. Three excellent poems complete with well-crafted words that only Kate can compile so professionally.

Ann: The Opening passages of a Crime Story. Regular Tuesday trips to Scotland by train. Sitting in the first class diner he notices the stranger with a rolled up umbrella despite the heatwave…

Sheila: Ghost Story: A disappearing figure into the mysterious shed yet, on investigation the door hasn't been opened for years…

Les: Jack A Tribute: Always his favourite (as well as everyone else's) Les wrote the words that others would have liked to have done. An emotive moment that saw Ann read on his behalf.

Louis: Out of the Black: A car full of visitors to Scotland with all the tensions of the journey erupting. Their destination? A remote writer's retreat. A tale that demands expansion into a full length story.

Ruth: Family Snaps: Sam 's young friend Annette appears with an engagement ring and is about to elope to Gretna - a graphic encounter capturing the teenage genre and read so confidently. If it does not go into book form then it should make the radio at least.

Alex: Untitled: Kenny is out sailing at night near the Hebrides - the boat slowing as the wind fell making entry to the harbour dangerous. Above him the stars in the sky blackened out by the invisible gulls gliding in the dark.

Dick: A Dram Too Far: Two men on holiday in Scotland, one hating the place but loving Scotch Whisky. An ingenious plan to get a free dram on a tour of each distillery, change into a disguise for a second tour and free dram was scotched by security who confiscated the plastic bags hiding the disguises.

Peter: First Time in Scotland: A vividly factual report of his first and recent visit to Scotland, describing blankets of colourful flowers, all the wonderful scenery, and the lochs too.

Dave: Stag Night Hangover: Loosely based on true events, the story of a stag night to remember. Inebriated, locked in a guards compartment on a sleeper train in only his underwear, the groom-to-be wakes up in Edinburgh and is met by the British Transport Police.

THE NEXT MEETING is in THREE weeks time on Tuesday 5th September at 7.30 in the Library.

1,500 WORD OPEN-THEMED WORK will be written by Diane and Dick.

THE THEMED HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT is 500 words on ANNIVERSARY - to be written in dialogue.

Keep Scribbling!


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