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Friday, August 04, 2006


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Felixstowe Scribblers Report of Meeting 1st August 2006

Apologies from Caz and Jack, (see below) Judy (see below), Christine has still not fully recovered from her fall so hopefully we may see her at our next meeting. Sheila is staying with her family whilst Peter telephoned his apologies but is now back from his long holiday.

In attendance. Kay, Diane, Lisa, Ruth, Liliane, Marsha, Gordon, Les, Louis, Scott, Zoe, Dick, Alex, Muriel, Tony, Morag and Dave.

URGENTLY NEEDED: One volunteer to collect the Library keys prior to our next meeting as Liliane has decided to go on holiday - for a rest! Please let Dave know on scribblers@ntlworld.com if you can help out. Thankyou.


A special welcome back and warmest congratulations to Louis who has just returned from his honeymoon after getting married. A really special day and one to always remember.

It was nice to see Diane again, making the most of the summer break from her studies and also Gordon after having a rather hectic time recently.

Surprise visitor was Liliane's daughter Marsha who has been enjoying the peace of Felixstowe for a few days.

Congratulations to Scott and Aimee who have now purchased a house in Trimley and move this weekend.

The in-house Libraries & Heritage magazine, Chapter and Verse has now been discontinued in its present format and may soon be produced on line. Dave, who co-edited the final edition which included another Suffolk dialect feature, has been asked to assist with the online version when it is born. It has been a busy time for him recently, having received first hand information on the death in Australia of Mrs Bonny Sanders. Her speedway rider son, Billy who took his own life in 1985, and Dave relayed the news to the media together with providing other information on an area of Ipswich back in the 1950s-1960s.

An update on Jack.

Last Thursday Jack had a diamorphine shunt fitted that was traumatic for everyone. It has allowed him to sleep better as he is much more comfortable and out of pain. He has had many weeks that have been very difficult for him and his parents Caz and Karl.Jack and Caz have prayed together for help, even though she was having doubts about her faith. Jack, God bless him, assured his Mum that Felixstowe was only a small dot on the Globe and that God was helping war torn areas of the World and looking after children who had no food in the famine torn areas of the World. So despite his own illness which has been so horrendous especially during the past few weeks, he still worries for others and is showing us all a lesson in humanity. He is a remarkable young man indeed.If you are religious then please continue to pray for Jack and his parents otherwise please think of them all.


More worrying news comes from Judy about Ron's sister who is very ill following chemotherapy at Ipswich Hospital. Judy also says that our senior member Allen has had a fall from his mobility scooter outside the Cherry Tree pub (I don't think he was OTT) and injured his shoulder. Since then he has been staying with his daughter in West Mersea and now with his other daughter in Wales. Judy has sent our wishes to him.

The kind offer from Maureen Budner for a competition in memory of Bill.

We still have to follow this up firstly with Felixstowe Library and then contact will be made with Maureen to make sure that she is happy with the idea.

In respect of the offer from BBC Radio Suffolk website to submit short work for inclusion on their site, stories have been forwarded but the editor is on leave until next week when hopefully all the work will be included. Anyone interested in adding their 70 to 100 words stories should send them to me scribblers@ntlworld.com for onward posting to the BBC. Some suggested themes are :
first love … dark secret … best journey … bad luck … funniest minute of my life …

The website can be viewed at


There are now 38 members of the Online Community. Two new competitions are now open for submissions. We know that most people have more on their minds at this time of year than our competitions so this is why submissions can be made up to the end of this month, so there's still plenty of time to enter. Remember you may send in one entry for each competition. The theme for both is 'Summer' with a word count for the writing competition up to around 1,500 words. There is no line limit on poetry. All submissions will be shown anonymously meaning that the entries will be judged purely on their merit.

Send your entries by email, preferably as an attachment, to summer@onlinescribblers.com and 'Newsbot' will enter them into the competition. Hope this will meet with everyone's approval.

If you are already a member of Online Scribblers, please consider entering the competitions or join in the forums. If you are not a member, then why not register and join in the competitions?

THE WEBLOG NEWS at http://nar8or.blogspot.com

Alex has added some interesting items to the weblog including a Felixstowe Scribblers exclusive. Go to http://nar8or.blogspot.com/ to check it out!

Don't forget that if you have any news or items you would like to include on either the weblog or the new website at http://nar8or.blogspot.com/ then please email Alex at

Both the website and the weblog are the result of Alex's hard work so let's keep the ball rolling with information.


Les: To the Dogs. From school to stonemason to animal sitter! A list of many of his lifelong occupations.

Liliane: No Regrets. What with cats, birds and parrots, just who talks to the chickens?

Alex: Untitled. A war zone battlefield of carnage, reminiscent of Dunkirk.

Dick: There's a Way. An ingenious method of ridding farmland of unwanted travellers - introduce them to the bull…

Scott: Sconin the Barber. Another precious gem from Scott's marvellous collection.

Gordon: The World's Oldest Profession. No. Not what you're thinking at all! A tale of a day or two in the life of a dung beetle!

Marsha: Programme Sellers Soul. An extract from a story about a man who vanished without leaving any clues.

Ruth: Sacrificial Man. More from Ruth's files, this time covering a probation team, allocating work and assisting suicide.

Lisa: I left Behind the Corporate World. A brilliant story in rhyme of all the attractions of motherhood.

Diane: Traveller. Di's first creative work for over two years about a stranger in the room and a time traveller.

Kay: Occupation. A graphic account of an occupying army blockading a city including the horrendous murder of an angler landing his catch.

Dave: Dream Assignment. Written from a female viewpoint about house sitting a Spanish villa.

Tony: Ordinary Monday and Work Pollution. Two very interesting poems, the first referring to all the odd shapes and sizes to and from work and on the lunch breaks.

Muriel: Occupation. Early retirement, feeling lost, taking up those forgotten hobbies once again for very busy and more fulfilling life.

THE NEXT MEETING will be held on Tuesday 15th August at 7.30pm


1,500 WORD OPEN-THEMED WORK will be produced by Morag and Tony.

Until next time

Keep Scribbling!


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