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Friday, September 22, 2006


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Felixstowe Scribblers Report of Meeting 19th September 2006

Apologies were received from Gordon, Louis, Dick, Alex, Scott and Judy.

In attendance were Tony, Les, Christine, Liliane, Ruth, Morag, Lisa, Kay, Zoe, Ken, Peter, Debra, Mavis, Kate and Dave.


A warm welcome to a new member, Ken who likes to have a go at everything; scripts, short stories, longer stories that were meant to be books but never quite made it beyond 20 pages. Ken likes to write whatever feels good at the time but feels his only consistency is keeping the basic story real. He has taken three courses with the UEA, writing short story fiction, poetry and screen writing, the latter providing everything he'd hoped for and more. His final submission unfolded into an extremely hard story that went down a treat with the tutor who insisted I enter it for the Screen East short movie competition, which I did. Unfortunately it was not well received, which left him baffled more than anything, although it illustrated the difference between those who want to make money and those who appreciate a well told story. Ken joins us for help. Help!

Gordon said in a recent email "You are not going to believe this, but we now have to travel to Bristol a day earlier for Karen's wedding. Although this does not take place until the weekend, we have been asked to go there on Wednesday, and the evening before we leave is bound to be hectic, so I will have to miss out again on Tuesday. You must be getting fed up with all the excuses! In October, hopefully, the dust will have settled a bit with Kristian also back at Portsmouth. He had wanted to write something and make a guest appearance at one of the meetings during his vacation but that did not materialise either."

Gordon still had to write his wedding speech and suggestions from the Scribblers was that he read that out as his next homework - could it possibly be on an adult theme Noddy story????

Louis also emailed to send his apologies. He said "I have a wedding to attend (seems it's the year to get hitched!) in Crete and we are flying out later today." Let's hope the weather is at least as good as it has been in Suffolk this week!

Judy was sorry to miss the meeting. She explained "Ron got delayed on his trip to the Midlands and did not get home early enough - so no transport. Bit of a bugger as I had done my piece on 'a night in' Never mind, maybe it can be used on another occasion."

Alex sent a message a few minutes before the meeting start to say that he has been unwell and was unable to attend. Let's hope he gets better soon.

Dick missed one of his rare meetings having gone away on a well-deserved holiday. Let's hope he comes back with more than a Felixstowe suntan.

Old twinkle-toes Scott is of course pursuing his dancing 'career' for the next nine or ten weeks but hopes to be back with us just before Christmas.

There was good news from Mavis who has self-published an excellent and professional book entitled "A Painter's Lot." The book was printed by 'Think Ink' a local firm.

Good news too from Ruth. Suffering from a setback with her second novel, Ruth has been accepted onto the 'Escalator' programme that she spotted from the miscellany of brochures that are available at meetings. Ruth says, "I get to attend a year of events - workshops and seminars. I also have a mentor (Michelle Spring) who will give editorial advice. £5000 is available to each of us (10 on the programme) for courses/childcare/retreats etc. All this culminates in a showcase next year with publishers and agents. Phew!" That is brilliant news and just goes to show that there are opportunities out there, quite a number of them in those advertising leaflets that drop through my letterbox. Next time you're at Scribblers please grab as many leaflets as you can - you never know what success could lay round the corner. It will certainly lighten the load in the old briefcase!

Not to be outdone, Morag is now working on the draft copy of her Muddy Boots which should be available later in the year, meaning that her Western, Tumbleweed Plains will take a back seat again for a few more days.

Zoe had to leave the meeting early as she felt unwell. We all hope that she is better soon.

Calling in to see Caz and Karl before the meeting, it is true to say that they are still absolutely devastated from the heartbreaking events of the last eighteen months. Caz says thankyou to everyone for their support throughout this terrible time. Currently she is unsure if she will return to Scribblers, but days are still young. I know we will all respect her decision.

Thanks to Kay for taking our collection in memory of Jack to the funeral directors who will pass it on to the charity East Anglian Childrens' Hospice. Donations are still arriving.


Tony's evening of Musical Mayhem takes place this Saturday evening/Sunday morning round at his house. Entrance is by bottle (preferably full) and maybe some nibbles…..

The World's Greatest Novel has been receiving a lot of adverse attention recently. From what appeared, on the surface anyway, as a really good project in which to participate, now seems far less appealing. Rochelle Moore, one of our Online Scribblers, has withdrawn her work from the site whilst some debatable issues are raised on the following website:

ONLINE SCRIBBLERS NEWS http://onlinescribblers.com
Online Scribblers are pleased to announce the two winners of the 'Summer' competitions.

The poetry competition winner is Rochelle Moore with "Tranquility".

The Short story competition winner is Kate Ackerley with "Past Times ".

Both winning entries, along with all past winners, can be viewed by members in the Online Scribblers forum at the above website address. The standard, number of entries and votes cast have risen significantly since the first competitions were launched.

Now a new competition has opened and will be dedicated to Our Jack. The subject is 'Halloween and things that go bump….' and is open for poetry and short story entries to all members of Online and Felixstowe Scribblers. The competition closes on the most appropriate day of the year - 31st October! Online members should send their entries to scary@onlinescribblers.com Felixstowe Scribblers members who have not got Internet access (offline members) should pass their entries to Dave who will arrange their inclusion in the competition. Kate is our first offline winner of the competition.

Unfortunately there are no prizes for winning, just the prestige of doing so! It's free to enter and great fun too.

THE WEBLOG NEWS at http://nar8or.blogspot.com and FELIXSTOWE SCRIBBLERS WEBSITE at http://felixstowescribblers.com

If you have any news or items you would like to include on either the weblog or the new site then please contact Alex at fswebsite@hotmail.co.uk as soon as possible.

It is anticipated that an 'In Memoriam' entry will soon be included for Jack whilst the showcase page also needs tidying up a bit.

CHANGES AT FELIXSTOWE TV explained by Chris Gosling.

Over the next couple of days, Felixstowe TV will be taking on a new look and new style, which will improve the way the site works, and enable it to take more input from users. In technical terms, it'll be moving to a content management system - which I believe is the way most major public sites will go over coming months.

There'll be even more ways to interact with the site, so putting your news and your points of view online will be even easier. Businesses and social/interest groups will find it easier to have their own details and information online, and local advertisers will get an even better deal than ever before - existing advertisers and site users will be high on the list of priorities.

The site will also have new editors and owners - Giles Meehan and David Jennings. Both have been keen supporters of Felixstowe TV over recent months, and they'll now be taking both the business and the editorial responsibilities on their shoulders.

As for me?

Well, you won't get rid of me as easily as that! I'll still be making the odd news report for the station, and probably still stating my own opinion when I think it is relevant, and when FTV thinks it is of interest. I'll also be making films (like The Lost Sock? Perhaps - but not too like it!), and still publishing websites in other areas of interest. My little business, Spectrum Communications, will be able to help people and businesses which want to communicate better both internally and with the outside world!

Thank you all for your help and support in the development to date of Felixstowe TV - and enjoy the new team's work and efforts to keep building and improving the smallest TV station in the world!

Chris Gosling
07931 310254

THE PLATFORM: Readings of members' work.

1,500 word open-themed topic.

Peter opened proceedings with "Should We Go Back?" an in depth and amusing reminiscence of being brought up on a farm. Covering many daily chores like ploughing, milking the cows, drawing water from the pond, this was a wonderful look at Suffolk times gone by.

A completely different style of work was compiled by Debra with "Stalker". Written in the first person as a man, Debra described all the feelings and sexual desires of an extra marital affair in this extract from her longer story. Remembering that Debra is very new to the group, this was a brave attempt to portray the feelings in this genre and was afforded some excellent feedback.

500 word assignments.

Kate opened with her competition winning entry "Past Times." Set in and around Ramsholt, this is a compelling spiritual story of Madeleine recalling all the good times as she awaited Guy's funeral.

Mavis shared her experience of "The Writers' Summer School, Swanwick." that she attended recently. With over 300 on the course, there were workshops on all aspects of writing and the tutors were quite accessible. A thoroughly enjoyable experience and a course that she highly recommends.

Next up, Dave, with "Jessica's Quiet Night In" a tale of a wife suddenly playing second fiddle to her husbands new trade union role, is then subjected to a break-in.

Tony produced probably his funniest writing ever with "The Happy World of the Quantity Surveyor - Retired" The tale follows him hitching a ride with a female army instructor after getting soaked in torrential rain. She takes him to her caravan where an electric sexual encounter follows…

"Words" from Les describes a quiet night in with the wife, playing and squabbling over scrabble and drinking whiskey before slipping into bed and expecting…

Christine's "A Quiet Night In" sees husband Charlie deciding to spend a peaceful evening in his garden shed listening to the Proms on his radio. Then neighbour after neighbour arrives along with Amy, a luscious young blonde.

There always was a murderous side to Liliane's writing, and her "Death in the Afternoon" describes a weekend barbecue when an intruder aims to shoot a young woman but her male friend is shot shielding her. A second shot hits the woman as the gunman turns the gun on himself. Gripping stuff…

Lisa's untitled poem was developed during the afternoon describing a relationship of one-upmanship where one partner attempts to come out better than the other.

Kay provided another insight into the story that she wrote for her daughter. "Midnight" describes a dream about Rita and Lumpy Lewis interrupted by a commotion outside where a shopkeeper is dragged and forced into the back of a box van by some unscrupulous hooded figures.

Summary: A thoroughly enjoyable evening that almost over-ran. There were many superb examples of writing covering a wide spectrum of different genres - surprising how a little bit of sex can add to proceedings!

THE NEXT MEETING : 7.30pm at Felixstowe Library on Tuesday 3rd October.


1,500 WORD OPEN-THEMED WORK will be presented by Ruth and Dave.

Until next time

Keep Scribbling!


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