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Saturday, September 09, 2006


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Report of Meeting 5th September 2006

Apologies were received from Ruth, Mavis, Morag, Gordon, Sheila, Caz.

In attendance were Debra, Dick, Peter, Liliane, Di, Tony, Kay, Christine, Judy, Kate, Scott and Dave.


The service to celebrate Jack's life was held in a packed St Mary's Church at Walton, Felixstowe on Monday 21st August 2006.

The cortege arrived amid torrential rain that followed a short but brief thunderstorm. Conducted by the Reverend Peter Harris, the service included the hymns, All Things Bright and Beautiful, Kum Ba Yah and Lord of All Hopefulness. In between Jack's mother Caz bravely read her own poem and tribute before his father Karl relayed a wonderful ten-minute eulogy of their beloved son. It revealed how Jack put everyone before him, and told of all the challenges he had undertaken for charity together with his love of animals and birds in the natural world.

At the end of the service Reverend Harris observed the rain on the flowers that lay on Jack's coffin and remarked that they were 'tears from heaven'. They added to the many tears that flowed during the celebration of his life.

The committal followed at Ipswich Crematorium. Jack's ashes were buried the following week.
The Scribblers were present in strength to pay their respects to Jack and support Caz and Karl. Some were on holiday and could not attend but would have done otherwise. Spotted at the service were Peter & wife, Christine, Tony, Gordon, Les and Joan, Ruth, Kate, Doreen, Judy, Scott and Aimee, Dick, Debbie all the way from France, Jacky and Giles [from the Lost Sock and Felixstowe TV], and former Scribblers Sue and Lyn. Most of us shed tears. It was impossible not to.

The Scribblers completed a collection for the East Anglia Childrens' Hospice that has been passed to the funeral directors. Additionally I have had an email from Robert Van Wormer of the Butternut Valley Writers Group who are kindly sending a donation to the charity.

Currently Caz and Karl are having a weeklong break on the West Coast of Scotland. They have said thankyou to everyone for all the messages of sympathy, for attending the celebration of Jack's life and for the generous donations.


The kind offer of a donation towards Jack's charity was unexpected but has put the two writers' groups in touch once again. Several years ago Robert Van Wormer contacted the Scribblers from America for some help with the historical aspects of, I believe, Felixstowe Dock for a writing project. Our historical genius Doreen Rayner kindly helped out with the facts. Although Robert and I have had exchanged emails since then, mostly we keep in touch through meeting reports.


It was nice to see Christine back in Scribblers action again after illness, holidays and looking after grandchildren.

Despite the homework theme, Ruth was missing having explained in an earlier email, "I won`t be at the meeting on the 5th as its my 8th wedding anniversary so hubby should have something planned (or else…!!!)" Hope they had a good time!

Mavis was missing for a second meeting. Currently in France on holiday she recently attended the Writers' Summer School in Swanwick which was 'fantastic'. Mavis promises to share her experiences at the school and hopes it will benefit us all.

Gordon, having received some very good news about his son, was moving Kristian back to Portsmouth for the new University year.

Morag explained that following her 'holiday' she came home shattered only to find that she had to do a lot of preparation work before the builders arrived at her mother's house.

Sometime ago Judy entered a competition for Undiscovered Authors and recently learned that she had been placed on a shortlist of six possible winners. The company involved is offering her a reduced rate to self-publish her book. Whilst the company would deal with the promotional aspects it seems that they still want a lot of money up front. Ironically in the Writers' News this month Jonathan Clifford revisits his campaign against vanity publishers. You may wish to look at his website at www.vanitypublishing.info

As far as Judy's book is concerned, Dave and Peter have agreed to read selected chapters to give feedback.

In a recent email, Belinda and Geoff, now happily home in their native Australia, sent their best wishes to everyone at Scribblers.

This was Scott's last meeting for some time as he begins a ten-week dancing course that runs on - yes - a Tuesday! He should be back before Christmas though, and hopes to become active in the Online Scribblers forums in his 'spare' time.


An extract of the message from Online Scribbler Rochelle Moore warns about the Worlds Greatest Novel. Following her successful entry that was shortlisted, a great deal of controversy and comments resulted in some feedback being removed by the organiser. Displeased with some aspects of the site, Rochelle, along with another author, asked that her entry be removed from the site . Apparently the organiser tried to sell the work on ebay. Whilst everyone is entitled to their own views on the site, Rochelle warns that we should stay away from this one.

Found on the Online Scribblers website, a warning from Debbie:


It says it's from a friend, the link in the e-mail looks harmless. However the link actually takes you to a different website where you will automatically download a file which will seriously harm your computer.With this type of greetings card e-mail it is always best to copy paste the link text into your browser. If the e-card website says that the card isn't found then it's probably due to the fact that the e-mail you received points to a hidden website that automatically downloads and runs an exe file on your computer. This will probably cause serious damage, perhaps even fatal damage, to your computer.Below is what the e-mail looks like, I have removed the hidden link code so the url is harmless.
Hello friend !A friend has sent you an ecard from 123Greetings.com.Send free ecards from 123Greetings.com with your choice of colors, words and music.Your ecard will be available with us for the next 30 days. If you wish to keep the ecard longer, you may save it on your computer or take a print….
Heed Debbie's warning - We can all do without "friends" like that.

ONLINE SCRIBBLERS NEWS http://onlinescribblers.com

Membership is still creeping upwards with the number of writers having reached 45. This is a very healthy number and hopefully we will see an increase in the actual postings in the forum before too much longer.

The online short story and poetry competitions for July and August have now closed and you can vote anonymously for the entries in the forum. Online members have until 6.00pm on Monday 18th September so please do vote for your favourite entries. Remember you are allowed two votes - if you have entered work yourself then you can of course cast one vote for yourself. Offline Scribblers (those without computer/internet access) can still cast their vote by checking with Dave.

A new short story and poetry competition will start very shortly and details will appear on the forum. The intention is to run this until the end of October. Keep logging on …

There is all sorts of information and posted work being accumulated, all for viewing by members only. There is an area to post work specifically for feedback. Members only areas are closed to general Internet surfers which helps to protect copyright.

THE WEBLOG NEWS at http://nar8or.blogspot.com/ and FELIXSTOWE SCRIBBLERS WEBSITE at http://felixstowescribblers.com

If you have any news or items you would like to include on either the weblog or the new site then please contact Alex at fswebsite@hotmail.co.uk as soon as possible.


Readings of members' work.

1,500 word open-themed topic.

Di opened proceedings with 'Possession', her first attempt at creative writing for nearly three years. A really chilling tale that built on an earlier short story and extended Beth's desire for a handsome partner. She misreads Michael's signs, goes to find him, breaks into his house and finds him in bed with Melissa… A great pity that Di has to leave creative writing for some time as she returns to studying for her degree.

Dick followed on with another chapter from the 'Felixstowe Affair' which for the uninitiated is the book of the film The Lost Sock. This section deals with Chris over reacting to a Man In Black near the pier and then trying to discover just what is happening from Mr Big at Landguard Fort. Will this be as successful as the film? The first run of DVDs sold out but further supplies are now available - check it out with giles@felixstowetv.co.uk

500 word assignments.

Kate produced another poem from her archives. This, 'Home on the Range', was a metaphor of a cowboy, and the lonely life he led. Very atmospheric.

Christine read out a tremendous poem 'The Power of Words' that told of a baby exploding into this world and growing with all the words implanted and saved into its tiny head.

'Remember' from Scott told a different kind of story this time, in dialogue, of a couple living together, one who remembers and the other who doesn't that they were jumped by a man with a gun and murdered.

'Anniversary Blues' was Dave's offering exposing the confrontational dialogue between man and wife who accuses him of forgetting what day it is. In the best tradition of a short story there had to be a twist at the end…

Debra shared her lively and also confrontational dialogue from 'Leather' (the third anniversary) and the importance placed on an anniversary gift of a very expensive handbag for her and a compromise of a luxury plasma TV for him.

'No Cakes nor Tents' was Peter's extremely humorous offering that was delivered in dialogue format between a 45 and a 70-year old man - made all the more effective with a real Suffolk accent.

Liliane's 'Holiday Letters' from Laya to her grandmother were planning something different. A diamond wedding anniversary in the family. Always enjoyable, it is time that Liliane thought about putting all the family stories together in a book. It could be a best seller…

Tony has to take the credit for the longest title of the day - 'The Long Dark Dingy Winding Road to Singleton'. Sitting comfortably in his armchair in front of his television our hero plans to watch Match of the Day whilst other forces are trying to deny him his little bit of pleasure.

An excellent evening's entertainment with some rather good stories and examples of dialogue followed by plenty of discussion as well.

Thanks to everyone for helping to tidy up afterwards, it makes life a little easier and, in theory, quicker to leave. Unfortunately the alarms activated when locking up and it was necessary to call out the keyholder to reset it. So much for an early-ish night!

THE NEXT MEETING: 7.30pm at Felixstowe Library on Tuesday 19th September.

HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT : 500 words on "A Quiet Night In"

1,500 WORD OPEN-THEMED WORK will be presented by Debra and Peter

Until next time

Keep Scribbling!


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