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Sunday, October 29, 2006


Felixstowe Scribblers One of the Online Scribblers members, Jojo Eastern, has posted the opening lines to the second Ongoing Story. Could you add the next part to this story line? Who is the mysterious woman? Or the stranger approaching her? And just who is George Curtis and what did he see?

If you think you know, then go to http://onlinescribblers.com, sign in and enter the Members Only forum "Scribblers Interactive" where you will be able to find Jojo's entry and add your own follow-up.

Jojo's opening lines are:

George Curtis had watched the liner docking. From his distant viewpoint he trained his heavy old binoculars on the hundreds of tiny figures disembarking from the vessel. George knew who he was looking for and from a couple of five year old photographs had a pretty fair impression of how she might look. It was a long shot but perhaps he could pick her out.

The task was too immense for him to be sure, but there, just stepping onto the quayside, was a tall, leggy blonde, who was, perhaps, in her mid thirties and could fit the profile. Training his binoculars on her, he looked for any clue that would confirm her identitity. The only obvious pointer was that, amongst all those disembarking passengers, she was the only one who appeared lost and even unsure of what she was doing there, all that way from home.

As George scrutinised her, he failed to notice the figure moving frantically against the crowds towards the woman. Through his binoculars George saw the smile that appeared on her face suddenly change to a look of horror.

"No!" George shouted..........

Now it is your turn!


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