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Thursday, October 19, 2006


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Felixstowe Scribblers Report of Meeting 17th October 2006

Apologies were received from Sheila, Judy, Tony, Les, Gordon, Scott.

In attendance were Debra, Dick, Liliane, Lesley, Trish, Kay, Zoe, Louis, Ken, Alex, Mavis, Morag and Dave.


A warm welcome to Trish who made her first visit to a Scribblers meeting. Trish enjoys writing both humorous and 'spooky' stories as well writing for children. She used to write a lot of stories for her children when they were young and now reads them to her grandchildren. Trish has recently rediscovered her love of creative writing and decided to join us after making enquiries at Felixstowe Library.

It was really nice to see some of our 'missing' members returning to the fold. Louis is now able to drive once again after his laser treatment on his eyes, and though still not 100%, came along to his first meeting for sometime.

Alex made a welcome return although his absence was one meeting more than it should have been. Apparently he had arrived late for one meeting but the Library bell did not work and he did not have Dave's mobile number for access. The bell will be reported! Alex has been published this week in the Ipswich Amnesty Group Newsletter with a conference report.

Talking of publication, Liliane has been published on the Internet in the World War series that was organised by the BBC.

Dick, maestro of Landguard Fort, has been commissioned to prepare a leaflet 'Landguard Fort and the Supernatural - Things That Go Bump in the Fort.' That's something to look out for.

Mavis has now begun her novel that she expects will take her a long time to complete. We wish her luck!

Judy emailed to say that she is heading down to her boat, Fram, and expecting to return on Sunday. Both Judy and Ron are hoping for a bit of solitude to commune with nature! She hopes to do some writing as well as preparing a presentation on Burma where they were on holiday earlier this year. Judy says her finalised manuscript of the book is now with the publisher but is not expecting to hear anything for a while. A new press release from Undiscovered Authors who shortlisted Judy, follows this report.

Missing for a second meeting but with just cause is our own www (wizard with words) Tony, who managed to accost the Scribblers with advertising leaflets, is rehearsing for next months Rushmere Players fish and chip supper presentation:


that includes The Hole by N.F.Simpson and a series of short plays and sketches.

The venue is at Rushmere Primary School, Lanark Road, Ipswich on Friday 17th & Saturday 18th November at 7.30pm

Advance tickets will cost £7.00 from Tony who will be along for a short time at our next meeting.


Caz has been in touch to let us know that the donations for Jack's funeral have been totalled up and for East Anglia's Children's Hospices received the remarkable amount of £1,160 plus $100 from our friends in America. (Since then a further £30 has been received and should be with the Funeral Directors today.) For CLIC Sargent £485.00 was collected. There may be more donations that were sent direct to the charities and not through the Funeral Directors but you have to agree a wonderful amount.

Caz says "Please thank all our friends at and associated with Scribblers for their wonderful generosity and continued love and support. Hopefully these amounts are helping other families to cope with their children's cancer as we speak."

She adds, "My apologies to those who have sent e-mails and I haven't replied but find it hard to reply and explain how I really feel."


The Ipswich Evening Star today (Wednesday) paid tribute to seven of Jack's school friends from Deben High School, Felixstowe, who are holding a series of assemblies at their school to celebrate Jack's life. Our Jack passed away so very recently at the tender age of 12.

His friends talk about his life, the things he did, his sense of humour, how he was loved by everyone who knew him and what a great inspiration he was to them. They showed a computer power point presentation featuring pictures of Jack, showing how he made the most of his life right up until his death.

Jack's parents Caz and Karl attended one of the assemblies and were very moved by the tributes.The seven school friends have been raising money for two charities, the East Anglian Children's Hospices and Wish Upon A Star and so far have raised £200 and hope to raise more in the coming weeks.


Morag will draw up rules for the writing competition in memory of our friend BILL BUDNER, who passed away suddenly this year. Details will be finalised with Bill's widow, Maureen, whilst the Library management have agreed to select a short list of work from which Maureen will select the winner. Details will follow.

Jan emailed the following through about the 'One Day in History' a one off opportunity to join in a mass blog for the national record. As many people as possible are needed to record a 'blog' diary which will be stored by the British Library as a historical record of our national life, however mundane, on Tuesday 17th October. Entries may be made retrospectively. Check the website at http://www.historymatters.org.uk/output/Page96.asp

FELIXSTOWE FILMS (formerly Felixstowe TV)

I understand from Giles Meehan that the only scripts that have been received for consideration for next years filming, have been submitted by our own Scribblers including the latest one by Les.

It is hoped that the result will be announced soon therefore allowing the author of the work and a small team of writers to get down to the hard graft of writing the next blockbuster…. Watch this space!

To view the episodes of The Lost Sock, please note the change in the website address. It is now at http://www.felixstowefilms.co.uk/sock/

ONLINE SCRIBBLERS NEWS http://onlinescribblers.com

Time is beginning to rundown on the Autumn competition "Halloween". This is open for prose and poetry, with the closing date for submissions on 31st October.

A reminder that Debbie and I are formulating a tribute collection of work in memory of Our Jack. Some lovely work has already been received with grateful thanks but we would ask that any of our members who either knew, or knew of, Jack could donate a story or a poem or some of their own words for this tribute. The work will be displayed on the Online Scribblers and with a copy being sent to Caz and Karl.

Additionally, it's your work we are after! We are formulating an online anthology that, once completed, can be sent out in pdf format. If there is sufficient interest it may be possible to produce hardback copies.

THE WEBLOG NEWS at http://nar8or.blogspot.com/ and FELIXSTOWE SCRIBBLERS WEBSITE at http://felixstowescribblers.com

Whilst the hits on the site have declined in recent weeks, news is still regularly posted. If you have any news of creative writing, competitions, local events that you would like to share with the Scribblers then please contact Alex at fswebsite@hotmail.co.uk as soon as possible. Remember visitors to the site come from all over the world. Similarly if you have any ideas or suggestions for either the weblog or the website then please let us know.

THE PLATFORM: Readings of members' work.

1,500 word open-themed topic.

Our new member Ken opened up proceedings with an excellent short story entitled "Gone to the Dogs" about someone who had committed suicide on Earth and was now in limbo where the after life was full of red tape and bureaucracy. Things don't change do they?

It wouldn't be the same without one of Liliane's wonderfully written tales of the family we have grown to know and love. "Homecoming" relates the story of Rosa and baby Lucas awaiting the return of Carlo who promises to marry her despite feeling less than comfortable with their renewed relationship.

500 word assignments.

Another of our new members, Lesley, had her first attempt at reading out "Memory" that surrounded the trauma of her fathers death through cancer following a long spell of stomach problems.

The newest member Trish read out a story that was written some time ago. "Wifely Duties" followed the humorous path of a husband not wanting his wife to go out with the girls yet still went to the pub for his darts. An excellent tale of the cold war that followed, complete with a brilliant twist at the end.

Kay again produced another excellent poem, "Memory" that she declared still needs further work done on it. Full of vivid vocabulary it included lines such as 'Like the cinema of the minds eye.'

Zoe also shared a lovely poem in her own special style. "Memory" told the story of her cat from its liveliest time as a kitten through to more sedate adulthood. Pets really do bring out some wonderful memories.

"The Memory of Blood" came from the pen of Louis telling of a son returning to his fathers butchers shop. All the graphic memories of the smell, of the carcasses, the hooks and old equipment flooded back.

"A Coffee" created by Alex with his powerful writing that made it feel you were sharing the concerns of the man in the café trying hard to avoid any contact with the scruffy, awkward stranger sitting nearby. What if….?

Ruth continued her story from last time but with a new title, "My Fathers House." Following her father murdering her mother, she questions why she heard nothing, and what she would have done if she had. Powerful words.

A true experience from Mavis with "A Recent Memory". She followed the Espresso sign to the café, overwhelmed by the high ceiling and its eight pillars, the extravagance of its décor let down by the cheapness of coffee served in polystyrene cups.

"An Unwanted Memory", written by Morag, involved something we dread. Clearing the effects from the home of a dearly departed. In the drawer of tickets and oddments a familiar letter addressed to her mother, written by the daughter when she left home at sixteen to be with her boyfriend.

Dave's "I Remember Every Single Word", written in the Suffolk dialect about an old boy who only, apparently, remembers what he hears but only hears what he wants to.

Debra's "Mirror Image" was a completely new direction. Based on a recurring dream, it tells of Gemma in her bedroom first thing in the morning. Rice paper eyelids, everything bright and beautiful until she looked in the mirror and saw an eyeball hanging down her cheek.

Dick's 'memory' homework was entitled "Lest We Forget Old Comrades" and written a few years ago when there were more Old Contemptibles on parade on Remembrance Day with minds willing but aged bodies weak. This moving poem deserves both recognition and publication.

A splendid evening's entertainment with some really excellent work from everyone. It is a humbling experience being amongst such a talented group.

THE NEXT MEETING: is in THREE WEEKS time at 7.30pm at Felixstowe Library on Tuesday 7th November. The accommodation for this meeting will be on the lower level of the library but please enter through the usual door.

HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT: 500-ish words on REVOLUTION. The head is spinning thinking of it.

1,500 WORD OPEN-THEMED WORK will be undertaken by Kay and Louis.

Thanks to Liliane for regularly collecting the key and all the helpers setting out the room and clearing up afterwards. The help is valued and appreciated.

Until next time

Keep Scribbling!

Information, Competitions, Advertisements [as available] etc
Please note that Felixstowe Scribblers do not necessarily support, nor guarantee the credibility of the following information, competitions or advertisements that have been received via the Internet.

Following the success of the 2005 Undiscovered Authors LiteraryCompetition, we are running the competition again for 2006/7.Undiscovered Authors is a nationwide writing competition aimed at seekingout new literary talent and is managed by the London based publishinghouse Discovered Authors.

Nationwide writing competition offers prize of £10,000

Undiscovered Authors is a nationwide writing competition aimed at seeking out new literary talent and is managed by the London based publishing house Discovered Authors.

Due to the success of Undiscovered Authors 2005, and the number of excellent works we received, we are running the competition again for 2006.

The competition is open for works of General Fiction, Non Fiction and Academic literature. These three categories are open to unpublished writers, plus we have introduced a new and separate category for Previously Published Authors.

There are regional prizes of £1,000 and a National prize of £10,000 for the General Fiction Category. The Non Fiction and Academic prizes will be judged nationally for a prize of £1,000, and the Previously Published category will include a National prize of £2,500. All winners will also receive a publishing contract with Discovered Authors Diamonds.

We require a synopsis and completed work at entry.

For further details and registration for the competition, please visit http://www.undiscoveredauthors.co.uk/. The closing date for the competition is January 2007 and there is an entry fee of £10. Please visit http://www.undiscoveredauthors.co.uk/www.discoveredauthors.co.uk to see samples from last year’s winners.

In today’s publishing industry it is unfortunately very difficult to persuade major publishers to accept manuscripts from unknown authors, and this restricts many able and worthwhile manuscripts from getting the exposure they deserve. Undiscovered Authors provides new authors with an opportunity to gain the recognition they deserve. They do say there’s a book in each of us!

To oil people’s literary cogs we will be holding some mini writing competitions around the country, inviting potential authors to come and start writing the first page of their book. Details of these events will appear on the Undiscovered Authors website soon.

Best of Luck with your writing!
Jayne CrawleyPublishing Consultant
BookForce UK
50 Albemarle Street
Direct Line + 44 (0)207 529 3749
Fascimile + 44(0)207 493 9847
<http://www.bookforce.co.uk/authors> www.bookforce.co.uk/authors<http://www.discoveredauthors.co.uk/> http://www.discoveredauthors.co.uk/<http://www.undiscoveredauthors.co.uk/> www.undiscoveredauthors.co.uk



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