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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Seaglass: Author financed publishing services.

Sian Parry of Seaglass Books writes ....

Getting published can be an uphill struggle. Mainstream publishers don’t always make the right decisions. Some books are never published because they are not sufficiently commercial, even if they are excellently written – poetry, experimental prose, memoir, short stories, good fiction that is in need of good editing – all are examples of books that can be passed over.

Seaglass exists to assist authors who wish to finance & publish their own titles, but who need some support to do so.

We provide:

full editorial and design services at Seaglass your book will be given hundreds of hours of editorial input to make it the best it can be and the layout and cover will receive expert attention to ensure that it you book has a high quality finish equal to any published work.

clear, affordable fixed prices our contracts ensure you know exactly what you will paying and that what you pay will be value for money – the full service for a full length fiction book is £2,000, with prices starting from only £1,000 for poetry collections or £1,500 for novellas or shorter prose works.

high quality products we work with one reputable and highly experienced printer to get the best finish possible for your book at a competitive printing price which will be quoted and agreed as part of the contract.

print runs agreed with the author we do not commit you to unrealistic print runs at high cost. You can order as few as 30 books and re-order as and when you need more copies or you can opt for longer print runs to suit your own requirements.

For full details of our services and costs go to www.seaglassbooks.co.uk or email : sian@seaglassbooks.co.uk

With Seaglass you can turn your ideas into published reality.


Sian Parry. Seaglass Books.


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