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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Evening Star - Suffolk coast bashed by sea surge

Observe the surge on the night of the 31st and morning of the 1st.

From the Evening Star....

At Felixstowe, there were spectacular scenes as the waves struck the prom and shot 30ft into the air at the resort's West End in Sea Road, and at the East Beach swept across the prom and into Undercliff Road East.

Spectacular video footage of the scene was taken by Evening Star IT technician, Stephen Doick and can be seen exclusively on the Star website.

Mr Doick, of Queen's Road, Felixstowe, said: "I always drive to look at the water on my way to work and I was really surprised today.

"The water was almost touching the top end of the pier and I was fascinated by the whole thing so I got out and videoed it.

A link to this exclusive Evening Star content is provided for your convinience.

"Some of the beach huts had been moved because of the power of the sea; I have never seen it like this before.

"It the worst and most dramatic its been in Felixstowe and I go down every day. It was fascinating to see and I could have watched it all day."

Sections of prom were damaged as coping stones were lifted and ripped from their positions, beach huts smashed together, and a Peter's Ice Cream kiosk badly damaged. Gardens were also flooded as the sea reached the floodgates.

Evening Star - Suffolk coast bashed by sea surge


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