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Friday, April 20, 2007

Raising the Bar for Screenwriters


Micro budget training initiatives seem to be popping up everywhere.

NorthWest Vision’s Digital Departures (http://www.digitaldepartures.co.uk) Last year’s Microwave Films (http://www.filmlondon.org.uk), and just launched again is UK Film Council’s 25 Words or Less (http://www.ukfilmcouncil.org.uk).

To apply to 25 Words or Less you need to prove that you are a full member of the Writers Guild Of Great Britain or have an agent. You are now expected to appear professional and committed in order to be eligible to even apply for a scheme.

This is part of the growing trend across the industry. If applying for money to most of the public funding bodies and broadcasters they will now only read scripts received via an established producer or an agent. When it comes to getting your work read by a successful production company the bar is raised even higher.

All production companies want to find great scripts, however the truth is a little more complicated. For example I’m sure you will have seen publicity releases stating, “We are always looking for great new talent.” What they should add is… ”But actually we already have so little time and too many scripts to read and we only want to work with professionals.”

Short film schemes and micro budget training initiatives are an important part of building a career and you should pursue every opportunity. However, they usually offer a very reduced fee, if any at all. So if you are just at the start of your career how on earth are you going to break through the barriers, jump the ever-higher bar and GET PAID PROPERLY? Easy! Ask someone who has already done it.

I found the class very friendly and informative as well as packed with useful tips. It was also inspirational in that it provided essential tools for selling scripts to the right people.
William Dingli

If you’d like the chance to quiz four very busy professional screenwriters about how they built their careers then sign up for our class THE LONG DISTANCE SCREENWRITER. Marc Pye, Rob Fraser, Louise Ironside and Adrian Mead are successful Scottish based writers who have written for shows such as Eastenders, Waking The Dead, River City, The Street, Holby City, Where The Heart Is, Taggart, The Bill, Monarch Of The Glen and numerous other film, TV and radio projects. You can view details of the class at www.meadkerr.com

We already have people travelling from the length and breadth of the UK as many of them have attended previous classes or have read the fantastic reviews and testimonials. But why should you attend this class? Well. if you are even considering a career as a screenwriter you need to get a REAL understanding of what professional writers do. Learn how these four very busy professionals manage their careers: the meetings, deadlines, dealing with feedback from execs and script editors whilst ensuring they are well paid for their work! Perhaps you have hit a plateau in your career plan. How do you move up to the next stage? This has happened to every one of our panel. Now is your chance to find out how they have continually overcome the challenges of building a career as a screenwriter.

Remember this isn’t a “how to write” class, it’s a “how to get a job” class taught by very busy working professionals and the advice you will receive is candid, bang up to date and unavailable anywhere else. Go read the testimonials at www.meadkerr.com to see exactly why these classes are unique.

With no over-inflated egos, no 'magic formulas' and emphasis on pure commitment and hard work - I particularly liked the way Adrian cut through the cr*p and told it like it really is!
Lara Greenway

THE LONG DISTANCE SCREENWRITER class is going to be our best yet and if you are serious about building an exciting new career as a professional screenwriter you need to be there.

BOOK NOW! Sat 9th June 10.00 am - 4.30pm
St Columba's By The Castle Church Hall, Johnston Terrace Edinburgh
COST £55 (inc VAT and light lunch)
CONTACT: info@meadkerr.com or 0131 554 4539

A FREE 15 page Booklet of career building tips for writers is available on request by email

Clare Kerr
M:44 (0) 7803 207 619
T:44 (0) 131 554 4539


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