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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Isabel by Karen Rosario

Here it is! Gordon's daughter has beaten him to it!


by Karen Rosario

Somewhere, in the middle of a fallen island, a dreamer and her creator are falling in love... To any ordinary person, Isabel is alluring and captivating and so delightfully pretty. However, as you will discover, there are very few ordinary people in this story. Very few spoons too. And just one unicorn... This is a story for dreamers; for those who would like to study hard but find themselves consumed with thoughts of flying... If you like this story, tell someone. (If you know me and want to buy the book from me in person just let me know! This is the larger version, pocketbook is also available)

Available from http://www.lulu.com

(155 pages) Paperback: £4.99 Download: £0.99


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