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Sunday, March 09, 2008



In the Chair: Dave.

Apologies for absence were received from Ruth.

In attendance were Stephen, Morag, Debbie, Rosie, Di, Tony, Scott, Dick, Liliane, Kay, Alex, Lauren, Steven, Peter, Jane, Ally, Les, Barry, and Dave.


At seven-thirty it looked as if there would only be a small turnout for the Scribblers meeting. It was, after all, a very cold and inhospitable night. However, not to be outdone, the Scribblers arrived in their droves with an amazing attendance of nineteen. It was nice to be able to welcome Ally, Kay, and Debbie back to our group.

It was great to report that Scott and Aimee have passed their dancing exam and now look forward to their martial arts exam this weekend. Well done on the first, and best of luck on the second one!

Alex recently bumped into former Scribblers Sharon and Keith who wished to pass their wishes on to the group. They are both excellent writers but their heavy commitments at Suffolk College meant that attendances with the Scribblers became impossible. An amazing photographer, Keith teaches the subject.

This report was delayed until after attending the Rushmere Players adaptation of Alan Aykbourn’s ‘Impossible Fiction’. All I can say is that our Ruth is equally as good an actress as she is a writer. A really splendid show that was based on a Writers’ Circle - any likeness to Felixstowe Scribblers is completely unintentional.

Thanks must go to Steven and Lauren for providing cakes for our meeting. Lauren is currently rehearsing for her school play and will miss our next meeting. Best of luck Lauren!

We received an enquiry about a nine year old called Megan who has written a 4,000 word fantasy story that she is selling to family and friends for a £1 a time. It is possible that a copy or two will be available for us to read and perhaps provide some feedback. It is also possible that one evening soon she will come along for a little while with her parents to meet us and either read from or talk about her book. What Megan is looking for is a writing group for younger children but there do not seem to be any available anywhere. That is a great pity as even her school seems not to have any interest in providing writing clubs. At £1 a go, who would like to purchase a copy of Megan’s story?

Last but not least tremendous news from Jane… After having a story accepted by People’s Friend a year ago, it was finally published in this months edition. Appearing on page 11 it is entitled ‘Moving in the Right Direction’. Well done, Jane - here’s to many more published stories.


Don’t forget our official website appears at http://felixstowescribblers.com but for most up to date information you need to visit our weblog at http://nar8or.blogspot.com Let’s hear your good news and have it posted on the weblog.

The Bill Budner competition closes for entries this coming Friday so, if you haven’t already entered then hurry up! The clock is ticking as they say. Details of the competition follow at the end of this report.

The Online Scribblers “Happy Memories” competition also finishes on Friday. so if you wish to enter please visit their website http://onlinescribblers.com To register, free of charge, follow the online instructions or email Vincent West at organiser@onlinescribblers.com Please mention that you are a member of Felixstowe Scribblers as that will speed up registration.


Dinner For Two : Peter
Certificate to Thrill : Scott


Gerald’s Raid : Dick
Holiday Letter Number Ten : Liliane
All Heart and Starlings : Two poems by Kay
Crazy for Cash : Lauren
Taking the Biscuit : Jane
The Haunted House : Ally
The Mighty Pound : Les
The Sweetest Thing : Barry
That Takes the Biscuit : Dave
The Tea Tree : Debbie
The Last Role Theory : Rosie
What Money Can Buy Me : a poem by Di
The Things We Do For Timothy Whiteboots : Tony

Tuesday 18th March.

Our committee will meet at 7.30 pm on Tuesday March 11th

One of our special meetings with a short writing exercise. Our first, before Christmas, provided a great deal of fun. This one will be no different!

The homework is simply to provide four words, each written on a small piece of paper - these will be dropped into a hat (usually Dick’s) then each writer draws four letters out and has to include them in their writing.

Until next time,

Keep Scribbling!


Bill Budner Short Story Competition 2008

Theme – ‘It all started when…’

Entries are now invited for the Bill Budner Short Story competition, sponsored by Bill’s widow, Maureen and organized by the Felixstowe Scribblers.

The competition is for a fictional short story, starting with the first line :

‘It all started when…’, with a maximum of 2,000 words.

Entry is open to all, with separate awards for children (16 and under at the closing date).

Prizes will be awarded for the three best stories in each category, as follows:

1st prize £25, 2nd prize £15, 3rd prize £10

Each entry must be the original and unpublished work of the entrant.

All entries should be clearly typed in double spacing on single sides of A4 paper.

The author’s name, address, daytime phone number and (if possible) e-mail address should accompany the story on a separate sheet of paper. These details should not appear on the entry itself.

Please include age if 16 or under.

Acknowledgement of entries will only be made if accompanied by a self addressed, stamped envelope or postcard. Entries will not be returned.

Competition entries should be handed in or posted to the staff at Felixstowe Library, Crescent Road , Felixstowe, IP11 7BY, clearly marked for the

‘Bill Budner Short Story Competition’, by the

closing date of Friday March 14th 2008

The winners will be chosen by a judging team headed by Bill’s widow, Maureen. The judge’s decision will be final.

The winners will be notified by Monday 7th April 2008.


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