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Saturday, May 03, 2008


After an extra week waiting for our next meeting, the day is fast approaching. With a 500 word homework theme on 'FARE' or 'FAIR' for the meeting on Tuesday 6th May which takes place in the Cafe Libra at Felixstowe Library, start time at 7.30pm. The two long open themed pieces will be by Dick and Liliane.

The last two weeks have brought all sorts of interest in Felixstowe namely the villain of the peace, one hefty 1,000lb German bomb from WWII. It must be said that the Navy did everything in their power to make Felixstowe residents safe in the first instance before retrieving the situation after 'losing' the bomb. Their underwater 'REMUS' eventually located the bomb and then detonated it. Who provided great coverage from day one until the mission had been completed, none other than Felixstowe TV. Well done to them! And of course the Navy!

Coming up this weekend are some great events in the area, none more than the Ipswich to Felixstowe Historic Vehicle Run with vehicles leaving Christchurch Park Ipswich at 11.30 Sunday morning then being displayed on the promenade at Felixstowe during the afternnon. Usually a great day! Then, of course, there's the Ipswich - Hull football match on the same day, Ipswich vs Peterborough speedway on Monday and the celebration of the Town's greatest cup victory 30 years ago. The local press will have full details.

Our friend and member of the Online Scribblers Rochelle Moore has finished writing another book - "Witch" and has sent it off to publishers in both the UK and the US. It sounds as if there is positive interest from the UK publisher whilst there are also favourable signs across the pond. Fingers crossed for her.

For those not aware, Liam Fairhurst who raised a mega amount of money in memory of Jack, had an operation last week for cancer. A large part of his lung was removed but he is in good spirits and is already back at home. Let's send our thoughts out to him.

Hope to see you Tuesday but in the meantime, enjoy your weekend!

Keep Scribbling!


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