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Friday, June 13, 2008


Our next Felixstowe Scribblers meeting takes place this coming Tuesday 17th June at 7.30 in the Café Libra in Felixstowe Library.

Alex and Barry have opted to undertake the 1,500 open themed homework assignment whilst the rest of us are asked to write up to 500 words on ‘Suffolk' Apart from anything else, we all know where Suffolk is! We expect Peter to have returned from his holiday in the Antipodes in time to chair the meeting.

We have a message from Vincent West at Online Scribblers that the entries for the current competition are disappointingly low with only three so far. The competition ends on June 21st and is for fun only, but there is still the prestige at stake of winning. So if you are a member of Online Scribblers then why not have a go? The subject is something that has been very close to our hearts in Felixstowe, 'Beach Bomb'. Go to http://onlinescribblers.com

A reminder that the Pulse Fringe Festival is underway and full details can be found at http://www.pulsefringe.com/home.htm whilst details of the Ipswich Arts Festival events are online at http://www.ip-art.com/

Something that is close to our wallets is the ever increasing cost of fuel that has a knock-on effect with virtually everything you can think off. There is a new group known as Transaction 2008.co.uk specifically formed for the General Motorist and Motorcyclist to help try and lower Duty or Fuel prices. Information on the group, including a fuel protest scheduled for Bristol tomorrow can be found on their website. http://www.transaction-2008.co.uk or

Have a good weekend and remember,

Keep Scribbling!


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