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Thursday, August 14, 2008


Our next meeting takes place this coming Tuesday 19th August starting at 7.30pm in the Café Libra in Felixstowe Library.

The 500 word homework assignment was declared as "BRAINS" and whether you use them or just sit on them, this is a subject which will get you thinking! The open themed 1,500 word work will be delivered by Liliane and Les. Dick will chair the meeting..

There is a reminder of the Jack Wilkinson Memorial Walk in aid of Cancer Research that is due to take place on Sunday 14th September with a personal choice of selecting either a 5 mile or 9 mile sponsored walk. Please check with Dick for full details. Did you realise that it is two years ago that Jack so sadly passed away?

There is also an exciting event being held at the Belstead Brook Hotel just two days earlier on Friday 12th September in aid of the East Anglian Childrens Hospice. There is a three course meal together with Billy West as Freddie Mercury, a disco and cabaret. Tickets must be booked in advance and you can see a poster and details on this weblog below.

Also featuring on our weblog is the Irish Post Journalism prize winner, one time Felixstowe Scribbler, Geraldine Rose, with her article 'Making Skeletons Dance'. Geraldine was absolutely thrilled and received her prize at the Writers Week festival held at the Listowel Arms Hotel. Well done Geraldine!

During the past week the weblog has included details of various writing competitions (you may need to go to the Scribblers Weblog Archives for August 2008 on the side bar) and also some of the books that our Scribblers have written. Makes interesting viewing...

Keep an eye open for the return of Online Scribblers in the coming weeks. It was sad to see its near demise but with Barry taking the helm and Rosie also helping, the only way is back up again!

We have received some good wishes from our friend Belinda down in Queensland where they are in their winter with temperatures of only 27°C. Poor folk! Belinda says:

"Next week the writer's group I'm involved with here has it's book launch for an Anthology called THE PYTHON SPEAKS which is very exciting and has given us all an insight as to how big a thing it can be to get published. We were lucky as we applied for a local Govt Grant and were accepted with quite a nice amount of money to assist us with the basics. Last week at our meeting a 'hot off the press' copy was shown - the first time the completed book had been seen by most members and I missed it because I was in class some 40 minutes away so I couldn't even sneak out at lunch or turn up for the early part of the meeting. I am still writing but more in class these days than but I have been working on a couple of children's stories so I hope to continue to squeeze in time to write even if it is only short stories and verse. I am now studying at an Institute at a great beach town called Maroochydore for a Diploma Remedial Master Therapist course and I wonder if there is a need for Remedial Therapists in the UK as Geoff and I still talk of returning. Love to all the Scribblers, from Belinda and Geoff xxxxx"

There has also been some news from our latest author, Judy. Along with Ron they have just arrived back from a lengthy summer cruise. She says:

"We were late starting out as there was so much to do re the book. I had to go round loads of local bookshops etc. and it took considerable time as well as causing considerable stress. Then we set off for our trip and were promptly hit by some idiot tacking across the channel - lots of damage to his boat and some damage to Fram's bow, so back to the boatyard for some days of repair. The weather was really windy all the time but we enjoyed the peace. I managed to get plenty of writing done on my novel - Burma is in abeyance until we return in January - which was fun. Also did a lot of painting as that took a back space while the book stuff was going on. We have been home for almost a week and the garden is still half a jungle, though we are off again next week in order to celebrate my birthday. Life does not get any less hectic.

"Things seem to be going quietly well with the book though I try not to get too involved. I have never been interested in making money out of it (good job) and in an odd way would prefer not to know how well or badly it is doing. All I know is that a couple of bookshops have contacted me as they have sold all their copies. Best Wishes, Judy."

Hope you can all make the meeting on Tuesday,

Keep Scribbling!


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