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Tuesday, August 04, 2009





APOLOGIES: Sue, Debbie

ATTENDING: Ruth (chair), Craig, Liliane, Simon, Ally, Rani, Ros, Dick, Connie, Tony, Dave, Trish, Lauren B, Peter, Les, Barry and Jane


A warm welcome was given to another new face, Ipswich based Craig. He was looking for a writing group when he discovered the Scribblers on the Internet. Craig is a poet and short story writer.

Dick has had some good news down at Landguard Fort. Some time ago he wrote a leaflet ‘Spooks at the Fort’ which was printed sold from the shop. It has now been republished in glossy format and will soon be on sale once again, slightly more expensive at £2.35 well worth the money with a far more professional look. If it’s true that Dick is on royalties then perhaps we’ll see a packet of biscuits or three appear from the ether....

Update on the anthology: Barry confirms that the deadline has passed but that he still awaits the foreword and one or two photographs to complete the publication. It is hoped there will be a proof copy from the printers very soon with the initial run of books due in October and the launch one Saturday in November on a date yet to be agreed with Ruth’s parent’s hotel.

Murder Mystery update is that it is progressing well with the team of four meeting once a week at present. Once performed by Rushmere Players it will be adapted with differing victims and endings for further performances elsewhere. Giles of Felixstowe TV fame is aware of it and has sown the seed that this could be lengthened to be a follow-up to The Lost Sock. Very early days yet.

Rani has taken a copy of Telling Tales, a publication that was re-introduced earlier this year. She will read it and give feedback that will be shared by the Scribblers and then forwarded on to its producer, Meadow Publications at Newark. Their website is www.meadowpublications.co.uk


1,500 word open themed assignment.

Trish: Infinite Wisdom.
Dave: Dockside.

500 word assignment on ‘INFINITE’

Tony: Chapter 11, Snakes on the Plain.
Connie: The Rewards of Crime.
Dick: From One to Another.
Ros: Maps.
Rani: Infinite Patience.
Ali: Infinite.
Simon: Lots of Stuff.
Liliane: Going into Infinity.
Ruth: Lighthouse.
Jane: Infinite Love (short story) and Infinite Love (poem)
Barry: School Holidays.
Les: A Lesson for Mavis.
Peter: In for a Light.

Another enjoyable evening with some thought provoking work, drama, fantasy, comedy and a spattering of poems for a change. Thanks to all who attended and participated. Thanks to Tony for the cakes and to Liliane for collecting the key.


Is in two weeks time on Tuesday 18th August at 7.30 pm in the Room at the Top, Felixstowe Library. In the chair will be Peter. Liliane will again collect the key.

Please note that as we now meet upstairs then late comers are advised that it will take a couple of minutes to answer the door so please be patient.


1,500 word assignments will be undertaken by Simon and Ally.

The 500 word assignment for everyone else will be on “CATACLYSM” or “CATACLYSMIC”.

Thanks again to Liliane for collecting the key and to everyone for coming along and making the evening another enjoyable experience.

Keep Scribbling!


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