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Wednesday, September 02, 2009




APOLOGIES: Les, Amanda, Ros, Ally, Connie, Jane

ATTENDING: Dick (chair) Dave, Trish, Debbie, Stephen, Liliane, Angela L, Simon, Barry, Tony and Peter.


A smaller group than usual for the meeting – some concerned perhaps about the homework theme ‘Psychedelic’ and the non-appearance of Sandy who suggested it!

Thoughts are with Les who should be in hospital now for his knee operation.

One time regular, Christine, wishes to be remembered to the Scribblers and still wishes she was able to come along at some time in the future.

Good news from Jane! The second story she sold to People's Friend a while ago is appearing in print this week. It's in the edition dated 5th September which should be on the shelves from this Thursday I think. It's nice to see the fruits of one's labours this way occasionally - makes a change from rejection slips!!

Dick reminds us that the 2009 Annual Jack Wilkinson Memorial walk takes place on Sunday 20th September, in aid of Cancer Research. As usual there is a choice of three walks of different lengths and details will appear on the weblog very soon. Details and sponsorship forms can be obtained from Wendy Crampton on 01394-275751. However Tony already has his form and wouldn’t let anyone leave Scribblers until they had sponsored him!

The Anthology is in the throes of the final edit and is now virtually ready for the ‘off’ at the printers. Barry brought along a near finished copy that looks fine and includes adverts, pictures and of course the written word. The next four weeks sees first Barry on holiday and then the printer but assurances are that the books, retailing at £5 will be ready in time for the November book launch. There are 125 pages so it will be good value for money. We will need to sell 120 copies to break even and hopefully everyone who is included will buy at least a couple of copies – they will certainly make good Xmas stocking fillers (or even main presents). With 200 being printed in this initial run there is a potential of £400 profit which should mean a nice healthy cheque for EACH.

The book launch has been arranged for Saturday 28 November with a 7.30 for 8.00pm start. The event will take place at the Castle Lodge Hotel who have offered to host the launch free of charge. Additionally music will be provided by Kol Paterson.

As we await the date for the Murder Mystery at Colneis School, we understand via Tony that Rushmere Players are not keen on using a couple of props suggested in the script as their intention is to perform at various East Anglian venues and would prefer to use the car space to transport actors. Some comments have been made on the length of the script and most of the writing team await more information at the next gathering.

An annual message that was handed out at our meeting reads:

“‘Evening of Musical Mayhem’ – You have probably overheard your friends talking about the above event which will be held at Tony’s on Saturday 19th September. Therefore in order that you should not feel alienated, or overlooked, I have condescended to offer you an invite. Do not feel that despite receipt you are obliged to attend. Indeed the party may prove better for your absence. Should you feel you have to inflict yourself on this event, please bring a bottle (full?). Nibbles are being provided (for all except you). As usual with events of this nature, it will begin when it starts (19.30 hrs), and not end until the finish. This invite is valid for approx 1.5 people. Please also observe house rules. In planetary interests this invite was printed on re-cycled paper.- Tony.”

1,500 word open themed assignment.

Debbie: Sheeps Eyes.
Stephen: Freedom?

500 word assignment on ‘Psychedelic’

Tony: A Rainy Day in Plankton.
Trish: Going Home.
Barry: The Colours of Braniff.
Simon: The Ridiculousness of Modern Consumables.
Liliane: A Threat of Something Evil.
Peter: Psycadelly Lilac.
Angela: Virus.
Dick: Colours of the Rainbow.
Dave: When the Beatles Wuz a Whizzing Around.

Ros, (In her absence and read by Dave): Green and Purple.


Is in two weeks time on Tuesday 15th September at 7.30 pm in the Room at the Top, Felixstowe Library. This will be our anonymous competition for attending writers for the Bill Budner Trophy. Maximum 1,000 words on any subject. The entries should not be marked with any identifying name. Here is a some information about Bill together with the rules for the evening. This competition has been held seven times so far with a different winner on each occasion.

The Bill Budner Trophy

Bill joined Felixstowe Scribblers in August of 2005 and soon afterwards registered with our online group. A really friendly and popular character, Bill made many friends at Scribblers in such a short time. His tremendous passion for writing produced many prolific words in his short stories, his mild manner and quiet voice accentuating every facet of his work.
Away from Scribblers Bill was a lay preacher and heavily involved with church affairs at St Mary's in Walton where he took over the responsibility for the parish magazine.
Bill died suddenly from a massive heart attack on Tuesday 14th February 2006 leaving his wife Maureen and family deep in shock and mourning his loss, the Felixstowe Scribblers sharing their grief.
Maureen sponsored two successful writing competitions for adults and children in his memory whilst a trophy, purchased from the donation of her prize money from Belinda Janz, has become a regular and revered part of the Scribblers programme. This is run as an anonymous competition with the guidelines for The Bill Budner Trophy as follows:
 Short stories or poetry up to a maximum of 1,000 words on any topic.
 Work must be typed (on single sides of paper).
 Entries must be completed before arrival at the meeting.
 Work must be anonymous - so no names or identification marks on the paper.
 All work will be placed, face down, on a table, and each writer, at a given time, will collect one entry and have a short time to familiarize themselves with it.
 The stories will then be read out to the group with everyone present marking them and selecting their top three entries.
 At the end of the evening all the marks will be entered anonymously into a box and then counted by designated members of the group.
 The winner will be announced and The Bill Budner Trophy presented to them by the previous winner.
 The trophy will be engraved by Scott at Mr Cobbler in Felixstowe.
 The trophy will be held for four months(or as decided) until the next competition
 The holder undertakes to return the trophy to Felixstowe Scribblers and advise any change of address.
Previous winners have been: Tony Shearman, Rosie Woolley, Morag Clarke, Dick Bradshaw, Ruth Dugdall, Barry Darnell and Dave Feakes.
Good Luck to everyone and remember –
Keep Scribbling!

Keep Scribbling!


Support those who support us! Have a look at Scott’s website at http://www.mrcobblerandmrlocks.co.uk
Don’t forget that Scott has special ‘Felixstowe Scribblers’ mugs on sale at £5 each. Not only does it have the Scribblers logo on the front, but your name can also be added on the rear.


Smooth & Groovy
For all occasions
Solo piano to 5-piece band
CD available on request
Tel: 01473 712624
Email: kol@ourservice2u.co.uk

(backing vocalist to The Bee Gees, Ronan Keating, Richard Fleeshman & Joe Longthorne) is playing at CLIFF LANE, IPSWICH STREET FAIR on Sunday 6th September between 2.00 pm & 3.30 pm

In support of local charities, including
East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices &
The East Anglian Air Ambulance


Castle Lodge Hotel
Chevalier Rd
IP11 7JW
TEL: 01394 282149

One of our former Scribblers, Katehas now invested all her creative talents in her love of art. Find out more about Kate’s work on her website at http://www.kateackerley.com/ Some of her paintings will be on display in the Reunion Gallery in Gainsborough Road, Felixstowe as part of their Art of the Docks exhibition which runs from 8th September to 3rd October.



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