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Monday, January 04, 2010

Here's hoping you all had lovely Christmas and that you will have a Happy and prosperous New Year.

As you know our first meeting of 2010 is our Annual General Meeting and the agenda is shown below.



7.30 PM TUESDAY 5th JANUARY 2010



1. Apologies for absence

2. In Attendance

3. Secretary's Report on 2009

4. Ratification of existing committee and or election of new officers

5. Treasurer's Report

6. Website and Weblog Report

7. Social Events

8. Structure of Meetings

9. Planning for the future

10. Publicity

11. Any Other Business

If you have any ideas or suggestions that will help to improve our meetings then please come along and discuss them.

Hope to see you at the AGM

Until then,

Keep Scribbling!


RealDeal Theatre's next Sitcom Saturday will be held on June 12 2010 at Westminster Reference Library, 35 St. Martin's Street, London WC2H 7HP

The window for submissions will during the month of March 2010. Entries should be emailed to scripts@realdealtheatre.org.uk between Monday, March 1 and Wednesday, March 31 2010 only. No entries will be accepted outside these dates.

RealDeal Theatre is looking for six fifteen-minute sitcoms for Sitcom Saturday, a professionally-directed and acted script-in-hand rehearsed reading, open to the public, at Westminster Reference Library off Leicester Square, London. We allocate a director for each of the selected scripts and the directors then liaise with the writer(s) before a casting session, rehearsal and the performance on Saturday, June 12 2010. Entries are welcome from anywhere as long as the writers can liaise with the directors beforehand and writers must also attend the June public rehearsed reading in London.

If you require further information, please email info@realdealtheatre.org.uk but please see the rules for Sitcom Saturday submissions on the events page http://realdealtheatre.webs.com/events.htm


Writers must be 16 years or older. There is no upper age limit!

CWC are hosting a short story writing competition that is a little unusual.
The concept is to create a superhero character that will develop organically through original ideas from the writing public.

A graphic artist has already created this character and given him a set of background circumstances as a starting point. From there it is up to the entrants to create stories around this character.

A panel of CWC published authors will judge the competition and select the ten best entries.

These will then be turned in to a series of graphic short stories which will be distributed free in the greater London area.

There are a range of prizes from £100 to £10 for the prize winners.

The hope is to interest not only seasoned short story writers but also people who may not have tried writing a story before.

The competition closes on March 30th 2010 and the entrance fee per story is £4.

Full details can be found at http://www.creative-writing-courses.co.uk/pages/Sleeper-competition.html

Fiona Jamieson, CWC (www.creative-writing-courses.co.uk)


The January 1 issue of www.WritingRaw.com is NOW online: Writing Raw is a FREE literary ezine dedicated to new and emerging writers. Our goal at Writing Raw is simple - to serve the literary community with the opportunity to have their work online and out in the world. In this world of disappearing literary magazines, Writing Raw is providing the blank pages for writers to fill.


We’re working very hard to put together the first issue of Prole, a new type of literary magazine. We want to create a broad appeal without compromising the quality of our content.

We’re looking for submissions for our first issue in June. We are that rare thing: a paying market.

Full details about Prole and the submission process can be found on our website, www.prolebooks.co.uk



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