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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Welcome to Online Jotters:
The First Post.

Posted : 26th August 2005

News :

This being our first month we are pleased to announce that membership is growing steadily - to date we have nine active members from three countries across Europe.
Welcome everyone.
Worthy of mention and with their permission:

If you want to share your work, then we will gladly include it.

With your permission in time I would like to ‘interview’ each Online Jotters (via e mail) in turn so that we can all get to know each other and maybe use it as a writer’s profile in the future online newsletter.

Its your site so all feedback is welcome as to how you want to see the site develop - for instance do you think others should critique your work that you offer for display online, do you want to share useful writing links etc? What could you contribute to any future Online magazine?

I am sure everyone has their own thoughts as to how they want the site to develop. Share them with us.

Yours truly

Think on :
This is a writing group and as promised there will be plenty of opportunity to get involved.
Lets start with Writer’s tennis of a strict 50-word duration – here my contribution - now it’s up to you to continue the story.

I want to be me. Free to do as I want. I hate the humdrum of every day life, sharing a house with those others. I don’t want to repeat the mistakes they made. What’s wrong with me choosing to study, spending time in my room, working on my computer?

So who wants to be next and get the ball rolling? Please include in your email your permission should it be chosen as part two.

This will then be shown online and the rest of us can move the story forward with part three etc:

Competition to check online :

Until the next time :

I would also like to hear your thoughts on the fantasy of winning the lottery – what would you do? When you are able to afford those little luxuries for your family/friends – would you be generous or …

Personal thanks to Alex and Dave for all the support I have received to date.

UPDATE 1 : Alex writes .... my sincere apolgies to all for the mess this post was presented in when originaly put up .... it was all my fault and is no reflection on Jan .... sorry it took me an hour or so to reslove the problem.

UPDATE 2 : Please note the contact e-mail address for Onlinejotters is Onlinejotters@yahoo.co.uk


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