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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Now hot off the presses: Felixstowe TV publishes a fortnightly NEWSPAPER.

The front page of the new Inside Felixstowe Publication from Felixstowe TV.
Now hot off the presses:

Felixstowe TV has finally bitten the bullet, and published a fortnightly NEWSPAPER in Felixstowe - that a NEWSPAPER as in filled with news - not just advertising and PR. It is properly written by journalists, has load of information as well as news, and there are advertising opportunities for people who want to do so. The paper has a COVER PRICE of 30p - after what is free is usually worth it!

You can buy it in many town centre retailers, plus in Old Felixstowe, Girlings Newsagents in Langer Road, Wintermans News - etc, and we should be including more Village sites next edition. We tried to get into Kirton Village shop, but were unable to make contact with the managers, so if anyone in Kirton wants to distribute the paper, we'd be glad to hear from you!

You can find this edition's front page at:


I hope you all rush out and buy it!

Best wishes
Chris Gosling
07931 310254


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