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Sunday, October 30, 2005

News from Belinda and Geoff:

Australia mate!Belinda writes....

Hi Dave and Scribblers,

Thanks for all the news, still trying to catch up with everyone and emails. We had a great LOOOONG flight home and believe it or not since we have been home we don't think a day has gone by without rain apart from today - now almost midnight & beddy byes Saturday.

The rain has been much needed out where we are staying at present with my sister and they said this is virtually the first good lot they have had since long before we left 3 years ago. They are so happy we bought the rain home with us. Happy to oblige we are and while the rain reminds us of England there is a difference in the weather with it. Each day the rains have arrived as if the final part of a stage production with the opening special effects being remarkable in razzel dazzelling lightening zipping across the purple darkened skies (try saying that after a few xxxx's) and loud claps of thunder that near on deafen you. Move over dogs - is there room under this couch for me too? Within a period less than 1/2 an hour it's all over red rover and the sun is back out beaming away and in the whole time period this has happened, the temperature team with the stage show, manage to still keep the temp. at a reasonable heat above 24 degrees. So we are back home in the tropics again.

My parents were very surprised well actually everyone but the sister who picked us up from the airport and who we are staying with were all surprised - shocked is probably a better word that we were home. Of course this is only for us 2 get haircuts and have a holiday we have told them.

We fly off to Adelaide to surprise Geoff's family on the 8th November and will spend Xmas there before coming back on the 4th January to see my family for a late Xmas/New Year catch up. So much 4 a quickie and it's now after midnight. Time adjustments have been interesting and trying to feel like I am actually back here has proved interesting also. Having never been away from Australia for more than 3 or 4 months before at a time, I have really noticed huge differences and at first really felt like I was in a dream and would wake up and still be in England with my next lot of homework to do and the next meeting to attend to as I pulled out my winter woollies and turned up the heating, but that's when I knew it wasn't a dream - big difference in temperatures and for the first time since I hurt my back slipping in the snow earlier this year, I can say I have had a little over a week of being pain free. The warmer weather has done wonders for this which had become more of a hip ache before I left than a back one.

I have tried to join the online jotters but don't seem to be able to get in yet - probably the system here. Geoff has been working on sorting out my sister's computer but there is still problems with certain tasks & functions but hopefully this will all go through ok.

I hope you are all well and so good to catch up with all the news via the emails & newsletter, especially with news on Jack. Tony - I hope the foot is coming along OK and it was good 2 c everyone one last time at your party. Gordon thankyou so much 4 your wonderful story and I will reply soon. I'd love to read Scott's too if he can email it sometime to me and anyone elses who is ok with that. As soon as I get a spare minute, I too will send my story across of the 2 chairs/ picture one I had done.

Well for now in our time it is beddybyes as you enjoy another lovely afternoon hopefully there in merry England. Missing you all (& England) love to all from Belinda & Geoff .zzzzzzzzzzzz


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