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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Report of Meeting 15th November 2005

Felixstowe Scribblers Report of Meeting 15th November 2005
Several Apologies were received for the meeting from Caz and Jack who were unable to attend. Judy once again was unable to make it as time is needed preparing to land their boat. This means that Allen won't be with us either. Bill B is on holiday in Malta whilst Morag's brother is over from the States.
There was still a healthy sixteen in attendance. They were Alex, Ann, Liliane, Peter, Margareta, Les, Scott, Tony, Dick, Gordon, Christine, Rachel, Ken, Zoe, Kate and Dave.
It was good to welcome Margareta, on one of her flying visits to Felixstowe, to the Scribblers.
She did it!!! 'Ruth won the Debut Daggers Award from 12 other short-listed writers and was presented with her prize, the dagger and a cheque for £250, at the Daggers Luncheon held at the Brewery in the City of London on November 8th.' Read about her fabulous success here Ruth Dugdall wins the 2005 CWA Debut Dagger Award.You can also read Ruth's winning entry of The Woman Before Me here. Believe me it is terrific! No wonder she has two Agents clamouring to sign her up.
So many congratulations Ruth.
It seems that after being badly let down, Morag's book Green Wellies and Wax Jackets is likely to hit the shops in time for Christmas so lets hope this brings her the success she so richly deserves. Watch this space for further news.
The latest news from Caz is that Jack has another infection and has returned from Addenbrook's and is now in Ipswich Hospital. It really must be terrible for Jack being switched from one hospital to the next and spending so little time at home. How brave he is, and how brave Caz and Karl are in this situation. Let's hope that soon the infections and the treatment will be able to stop and allow them to get back to normality.
I received an email from Joan to say that Les has had his operation and all appears to be well and should be home this weekend. I replied "Sorry - had not realised Les was having op this week. Glad he sounds as if he's doing well - give him my regards and also love from that blond who sits on his lap at Scribblers.." and then received this reply.
'I'll get you for that one Dave'
Talked to Jan [Yours Truly] this week for an update on the server problems she and her husband Gordon are having. There is an ongoing battle to overcome this problem. They arranged an upgrade whilst on holiday and when arrived home they couldn't get on line at all - and that's how it has been ever since.
They were promised that they would be back on line at 5.00pm on Tuesday, but obviously that hasn't happened so now we'll have to wait and see when the service will be resumed.
If you've sent in entries for the competitions or the writers tennis - then as soon as the service returns to normal Yours Truly will catch up.
Remember that you can still email entries in to the Jotters for the two writing competitions - one for short stories and the other for poetry. Additionally there is also the ongoing writer's tennis which has now reached the 12th episode. Keep up the good work Jotters! Go to onlinejotters@yahoo.co.uk
THE WEBLOG at http://nar8or.blogspot.com
Now surpassed the 2,300 hits and continues to do very nicely thanks to all the hard work Alex puts in.
One email from Doreen [Friday] says, "have just visited blogspot. WOW. A great site and so much to read and digest. Will pay a return visit soon."
Don't forget - if YOU have any news you would like to include then please fswebsite@hotmail.co.uk
It looks as if the first episode of the mini-series will be released during Christmas Week and there is a possibility that a preview will be arranged. This will be confirmed as soon as possible.
Also there is a message from Chris Gosling that Felixstowe TV will be featured on the BBC2 programme Newswatch which runs at 07.45 on Saturday, 1st December - it is about very local TV services. If you're up, then tune in!
The Scribblers have been busy.
First Ken has set up his own website at http://genesiscrystals.co.uk/
Next on line was Kate at 'The Healing Practice' http://www.healing.genesiscrystals.co.uk/
The Gordon at http://www.gmcopywriting.co.uk/
The subject of betrayal brought up some fascinating stories and poems.
Margareta opened with a limerick followed by Ken with two offerings 'B Trail' which was a haiku and 'Escape from Planet X'.
Gordon offered his work from the Halloween meeting that he missed with 'Halloween Horror' and Alex followed with 'A Sea of Betrayal'
Ann added to her continuing story with the subject matter fitting in nicely with Dick reading a passage from his children's book.
Rachel read out 'Betrayal, and Scott his 'Playing Away'
Les relayed his very apt 'Caesar's Farewell' and Christine shared 'A Confidential Matter'.
Liliane read her 'Been Betrayed' and Peter his 'Trail Food'.
Kate shared her poem 'Old Enough' and Zoe her own 'Betrayal'.
Tony provided us with another of his works of art with 'The Entrail' whilst Judy's excellent work 'Wojciech' was read by Ann.
Christine read out a moving poem 'Betrayal' on behalf of Caz and Dave rounded off another excellent evening of prose and poetry with 'Brotherly Love'.
Our next Felixstowe Scribblers meeting is in three weeks time on Tuesday 6th December at the usual 7.30pm start time at the Felixstowe Library.
Having adopted Scott's idea for everyone to put a homework theme in a hat and then draw one out at each meeting, the homework assignment drawn was SCENT, with a maximum of 500 words on this subject please. The two 1,500 word open themed 'volunteers' are Alex and Christine.
So until next time,
Keep on Scribbling!


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