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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Great Felixstowe question finaly solved: what the hell is a 'Fludyer' anyway.

The Fludyers arms as Im sure nearly all readers will know is a popular Felixstowe hostelry that has become increasingly popular for its very consistently good food over the last few years.

A truism blurted out frequently after one or two of the beers from there is observing .... 'What the hell is a 'Fludyer' anyway.' Well the matter is permenantly cleared up thanks to the new website http://www.fludyers.com/.

From the http://www.fludyers.com/ website....

History: "The Fludyer name comes from Sir Samuel Fludyer - grandson of the presumably more famous Sir Samuel Fludyer (1705-1768) - who was Lord Mayor of London in 1760. The grandson died in 1833 and is buried with his wife locally.

The original Fludyer (or Fludyers ?) Arms is a wooden building dating from at least 1884. The current brick building was built in 1903 and both brick and timber buildings obviously co-existed alongside each other for a time."

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