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Thursday, January 04, 2007



Apologies for absence: Barry, Christine, Debra, Judy, Ken, Lesley, Lisa and Ruth,In attendance were Dick, Morag, Liliane, Alex, Les, Tony, Peter, Trish, Lauren, Kay, Zoe, Aimee, Scott, Dave and a surprise visitor, Caz.


Trish introduced her 11 year old granddaughter Lauren to the Scribblers. Lauren is very interested in writing and wants to be an author when she grows up. She has already begun writing a novel and brought along the first chapter to share with us. At break time she even recited a poem she had written recently. Lauren hopes to be able to attend in school holidays.

A warm welcome for Caz who arrived mid meeting and settled in amongst her friends once again. It was lovely to see her and a privilege for us to each receive a copy of Jack’s Poems, so professionally produced as a gift by Eric Vanlint. This is not to be confused with the tribute to Jack that Debbie has produced and is available at http://www.onlinescribblers.com


Following the terrible murders of five women in Ipswich, it was good to see so many people in attendance. That a Trimley based man had been arrested seemed very close to home – no closer though than Scott and Aimee whose home backs onto one in the centre of the investigation.

That a second man was arrested, this time in London Road Ipswich brought back some happier memories to Dave whose childhood home (now the Alilacs Guest House) faced down Elliott Street and was virtually opposite the property under investigation.

Lisa has been in touch, unable to attend for some time now, but following these events has decided to leave her attendance until the New Year. She sent her regards to everyone.

With the severe decline in the weather, Judy wisely decided that the drive from the depths of Suffolk on unlit, ungritted roads would have been too hazardous. She is soon flying off out to Burma for another travelling holiday and will, doubtless, fill in the details when she returns in February. Judy sent her best wishes to everyone for the festive season.

Debra sent her apologies as she was unwell and now misses the next two or three meetings as she is flying out to Australia to meet her stepson and new grandchild. Grandchild? She must be in the running for the youngest gran ever!

Christine was unable to attend whilst Lesley had a prior engagement in London. Ken was held up at work and sent his regards for the Christmas period. Barry was also unable to attend but will return in the New Year.

Ruth sent her apologies in. Her daughter Amber was rushed to hospital at lunchtime on Tuesday and was admitted being kept in for the following nights. Fortunately Ruth was able to collect her in time for the special night so hopefully they will have enjoyed a happy family Christmas.

Christmas messages have been received from Bob Van Wormer of the Butternut Valley Writers in the USA, from former regulars Patricia, Gilly, Marilyn, Desmond and a long catch up email from Belinda and Geoff in Australia. Messages have also been received from Debbie at Online Scribblers and her members Rochelle and Jojo.

Belinda says that she and Geoff have finally settled into their new home in Morayfield, Queensland. They have been busy with security work for the Robbie Williams concerts. Now a member of a writers group close to home, Belinda says it provides information on how and what to write for publication rather than the homework assignments that are shared at Scribblers. True to form, she says she misses us all – and it is fair to say the feeling is mutual.

Extracts from the tribute to Jack that was written for the website, have been published in the January edition of Writers’ News.


Bill Budner Short Story Competition.

The competition has now been launched on behalf of Maureen Budner in memory of her husband Bill, a member of the Scribblers and a well loved character in the area. It is open for a fictional short story inspired by ‘The Sea’ and should be no more than 2,000 words in length. Free to enter this is open to all with separate awards for children of 16 and under at the closing date. All entries should be handed in or posted to staff at Felixstowe Library. Leaflets have been distributed to libraries in the area.

Felixstowe Library staff will produce a short list of entries and Maureen will select the winning entries. The closing date is on Friday 2nd March.

There will be prizes valued £25, £15 and £10 for the best three entries in both categories

The competition is open to ALL Scribblers so I hope you all support it.

The latest news from Felixstowe TV about their next film is that there is to be an early years meeting that will finally discuss the project. There are elements from all the entries sent in by the Felixstowe Scribblers that they like and all our waiting for a decision will soon be worthwhile.

Those two old characters Bill and Bert from the Lost Sock have now appeared rather shell shocked in a short clip on the Felixstowe TV Advent calendar.


A very special social event is planned for one Saturday in January, probably at the Cork Function Room in Felixstowe. This is being organised privately but invites go to all Scribblers to celebrate the birthday of not one, not two but three of our members! Birthday greetings to Morag, Kay and Alex. Details will be circulated as soon as possible.



The Tribute to Our Jack is now available at Online Scribblers. You may need to register as a member to access the site where you will then be able to read and download the work.





Thanks are extended to Alex who has been posting on the site regularly. I hope to be able to start posting again during January once a new broadband connection is supplied by ntl.

Don’t forget that you can keep up to date by logging onto the weblog where information and news is displayed. If you have any news, views or items that you would like included then please email them to Alex or myself.


In an unusually shorter version of the platform, there were still some excellent little stories that were read out. From Liliane came a modern day fairy tale, "Green Fairy". This was followed by the first chapter of Lauren’s book entitled "The Magic Within". Very well written for one so young and, no doubt, we will soon be hearing the second instalment.

Alex kindly read out the true story that Gordon had submitted for the last meeting. How sad that it may be some time before we have any more stories from him.

Peter read out "Energy in Waiting" and Trish "The Yoga Ladies" whilst Les read out "Hail Mary" a Christmas greetings poem to the Scribblers.

Tony shared a rare poem "Nocturnal Wanderer", Kay read out "Mistletoe", Dick followed with "Entertaining Santa", and Dave finalised the homework assignments for the year with "Inebriation".


We have agreed with the Library a slight change in our usual sequence of meetings for JANUARY only. The two meetings will be held on 9th and 23rd January before reverting to the established first and third Tuesdays of the month in February.

Our next meeting will be the AGM to be held on Tuesday 9th January and you are invited to submit items for inclusion on the Agenda. The agenda will be forwarded later.

Until next time,

Happy New Year and

Keep Scribbling!



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