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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Report of meeting and newsheet


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In the Chair: Dave.

Apologies for absence were received from Rosie (holiday), Ruth (holiday) Barry (hospital), Ken (work) and Morag (work)

In attendance were Ally, Scott, Tony, Di, Trish, Kay, Liliane, Alex, Peter, Dick and Dave.

A special welcome to Ally who attended her first meeting. A close friend of Aimee and Scott, she used to write longer stories but with time at a premium she stopped. Now looking forward to devoting regular time to writing, she was invited to come along to our meeting to share the Felixstowe Scribblers experience.

Scribblers News:
Bumped into one of our former Scribblers, Rob Lake recently who wishes to be remembered to everyone. An avid fantasy and science fiction fan he is still writing his intriguing stories. Rob promises to return to Scribblers one day.

Have received a message from Judy by now flying the Jolly Roger somewhere out at sea! She says:-

“I am now a long-term absentee from Scribblers - there always seems to be so many things going on! We went sailing for 6 weeks, which was great, and have been home for almost two weeks. Now we are off again next week - our feet rarely touch the ground. My book is coming out in November. I received the amendments from the editor last week, there were not many, mostly millions of hyphens to insert and several commas and semi-colons - it all kept me busy. It is now going to design stage so I have to make an appearance at the publishers shortly. I am sure that Scribblers is going great guns and that I shall make an appearance some day soon. Give my love to one and all.”

Having been privileged to read a chapter several months ago, I believe this will be a successful ‘first’ for Judy.

Alex reported attending one of Gordon’s poker nights recently and enjoyed the experience - especially as Gordon’s wife Rexie kept the evening light-hearted. Nowadays our former Scribbler runs four separate classes in the Ipswich area, one, unfortunately, clashing with our own meetings.

Tony visited Lowestoft recently and called in at Genesis Crystals in the High Street which is run by one of the Lost Sock scriptwriters, Ken May who is doing quite well now. His website can be found at http://www.genesiscrystals.co.uk/

We wonder how our friends Kate and Christine are getting along now. Kate has been recuperating fro some time now and hopefully will be able to come along to a meeting in the future. Christine, so long a regular, has been unable to attend for some time but, again, we hope to see her at a meeting one day soon.

If you have any news of our absent friends then please let us know as we look forward to hearing about them.

We received a lovely thankyou card from Scott and Aimee for the wedding plate that was presented to them at our beach party.

For the second successive year, the summer social took the shape of a beach party this time using Ruth and Andrew's beach hut as the focal point.

After the bitterly cold evening in 2006, when we had to adjourn to the pub, we watched the weather with trepidation. Monday evening was a very cold, wet and miserable night and despite the hopes that the weather would be better on the Tuesday, it was a case of keeping our fingers crossed that the forecasters had got it right.

Tuesday came, a glorious sunny day with the weather doing exactly as we wished, staying fine through into the very late evening. It really was a lovely, clear blue sky, a calm peaceful sea, plenty of food and drink courtesy of our members, atmospheric background guitar music and song or two from Andrew together with crooner extraordinaire, Tony, a rare poem from Dave and, of course, some really wonderful company.

It was great to see Scott and Aimee back from their honeymoon allowing Dave to finally present them with a small wedding gift from all Felixstowe Scribblers, of a specially designed heart shaped plate as a memento of their marriage.
It really was nice to see so many Scribblers present including Barry and his wife along with Liliane, Alex, Zoe, Rosie, Kay, Morag, Tony, Ruth and Andrew and Dave.

Special thanks to Ruth and Andrew for hosting the evening and allowing us the use of their beach hut.

Here's to next time!


1994 - 2006
Saturday 11th August marks the first anniversary of Jack’s passing. Our thoughts are with his parents Caz and Karl. There are tributes to Jack on the weblog at http://nar8or.blogspot.com, also on http://onlinescribblers.com and our website at http://felixstowescribblers.com

It is a sign of the times that, despite all the technology to block spam mail and root out unwanted material from our inboxes, it occasionally becomes so bad that something needs to be done to rectify the situation. The simplest way is to open up a new email account which has now been done.

Henceforth our new, but very similar, email address is scribblers.1@ntlworld.com Meantime our original email address will be kept active for those genuine communications that arrive informing us of competitions etc. Should you have any problems with this address then please let me know. References to our old address will need to be changed on our website and weblog so Alex will soon be asked to help sort this out!

Remember to visit our weblog that can be found at http://nar8or.blogspot.com and our official website at http://felixstowescribblers.com

There is also our site at http://onlinescribblers.com, where the open themed competition for members is waiting for your entry. With a maximum of 2,000 words the choice of subject is for you to decide. Please contact Vincent West for details at organiser@onlinescribblers.com

Make Your Mark is the national enterprise campaign which runs an events listings website to promote the best networking opportunities across the UK. They want to highlight networking opportunities for people interested in the creative industries and would love to promote your network (group) and your upcoming events. There is no cost involved.
Samantha Sprenger, Creative Industries, Enterprise Insight, 6 Mercer Street, London. WC2H 9QA
0207 497 4808

Before making a decision whether to join or not, we have to consider if there will be any benefits for us. It will be helpful if the Scribblers and out committee members have a look at the website at www.makeyourmarkconnect.org and feed back their views to Dave.

The 1,500 Word Homework Assignment:

Alex: Interior: Not certain where he was, he awoke sweating with headache and migraine. Was he in a hotel room? The infernal knocking at the door. Nausea set in, he saw the battered image in the mirror. Who was he…?

Di: A Double Life: Jane’s waking moments. The face of the handsome stranger she had seen moments before.. She turned in her bed but there was no-one beside her. Had he just been a dream? Her week was spent ferrying young son Bobby to and from school yet all the while remembering the face of that stranger. Later Bobby disappeared when they were on a park but was eventually found with an angler by the riverside.

Both these works generated some of the most in depth feedback for a long time.

The 500 word homework assignment on ‘Asylum.’

Trish: Mummy Said: Don’t remember the trees. Woodbridge felt cold. Don’t understand why the train ticket is fuzzy. They took Mummy away. The child’s terrible temper, mother on the floor, covered in blood. In her room in Melton Asylum her words “Mummy said I just needed an extra pair of hands.”

Kay: Asylum: Washing day at the river. Daughter carrying wet clothes. The lorry approached, men jumped from it killing all they saw. Daughter escaped to the trees, They caught mother but let her live. The killing fields, littered with bodies and blood.

Liliane: The Asylum: The girl sat next to him on the bench in the garden. He didn’t like her. Wanted the peace. She reminded him of a ferocious ferret. Her mother a prostitute so the daughter was placed in the care of Social Services. The mixture of rich kids and poor in the Asylum.

Peter: Frightingly Lost: Driving along the road a man ran out in front of him. Being chased by odd people the driver gave him a lift. Kept saying ‘asylum’ and he was taken from Blythburgh and delivered to St Clements in Ipswich.

Dick: Welcome to Bedlam: For pure entertainment Lady Rose and Sir Ralph went by sedan chair to Bethlehem Asylum to watch the inmates. The stench was vile as the keeper greeted them with ‘London’s little hell on earth. Welcome to Bedlam.’

Dave: John Smart: Use of word association from one line to the next, John Smart was not quite the ticket and toured the madness of the words until reaching the ultimate climax - ‘They’re coming to take me away ha, haaaa!’

Ally reading on behalf of Chris Shaw back home in Cairns: Back in (our own) sane asylum: Likening the transportation of criminals to Australia with his own journey home across three time zones, currency exchanges, bland food and two foreign airports and associated languages all within thirty hours, Chris hadn’t even mentioned jet lag as he returned to his cottage in the rainforest in his own sane asylum!

Scott: Inside Out: Wake up! Who is it? Psychiatric nurse. Has the pills. Says wife beat you over the head sp take the pills. Why? Voice says, ’don’t take the pills!’ She says ‘Take the pills‘. I take the pillszzzzzzzz…

Tony: Sword of the Kings, by Perry Rragett; Chapter Two: The continuing fantasy discovers that Honions will be chucked out when he reaches maturity so has to leave the asylum. Father was not human. He was a half-timer.

A very difficult subject to grasp, but Asylum provided both the horror of the asylums and the humour that modern day life attaches to the subject. Research for some to the subjects covered can be found at
For information on St Audrey’s at Melton, visit the Ipswich branch of the Suffolk Record Office .

Our next Felixstowe Scribblers meeting is set for Tuesday 21st August at 7.30pm in the Café Libra at the Library.

In the chair: To be announced

The homework assignment is to write 500 words maximum on “Cherry Blossom”.

The 1500 word open themed topics will feature work by Barry and Dick.

Keep Scribbling!


ONLINE SCRIBBLERS new competition is now open for your entries.
This is an open themed competition that may be written in any genre but with a 2,000 word maximum.
Free for members to enter online, go to http://onlinescribblers.com If you aren’t yet a member then please email to register at organiser@onlinescribblers.com The closing date for entries is 31st August.
Details of the online voting for your favourite entry will follow from 1st September.
Best of luck!
Vincent West


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