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Friday, September 21, 2007



In the Chair: Dave.

Apologies for absence were received from Alex who is in Italy and Kay who has a prior engagement.

In attendance were Dick, Rosie, Tony, Pat, Trish, Liliane, Ally, Ken, Peter, Margareta, Barry, Ruth, Morag, Stephen and Dave.

A warm welcome to Pat who has had some short stories published whilst she was living in Kenya. Currently Pat has a diarist style novel which she is hoping will be accepted for publication.

It was nice to see Margareta at a meeting once more. Living in Vienna, Margareta has attended meetings when able to do so and in the past contributed homework to be read whenever time was available.

Scribblers News:

Ally is settling into her new home but is having problems getting a telephone line fixed and waiting for delivery of new furniture. We wish Ally and her partner every best wish for this new stage in their lives.

When we heard that Louis was moving we assumed that he was moving closer to his work in the London area. Seems that he is moving a bit closer to Felixstowe so hopefully we may see him more regularly, work permitting of course!

The Bill Budner Trophy has been engraved with the current holder’s name and was again presented to our young, worthy and proud winner Rosie. The photo, courtesy of Barry, shows Rosie holding her trophy .

Message for Rosie from the Scribblers - It’s only on loan, you know!!!!

We have heard from Kate who is still slowly recovering from her operation in April. Although unable to drive at present, it was nice to learn that she has been able to spend some of her time recuperating in France. Kate has continued writing short stories and poems and has decided to publish a book of her poems and probably her novel as well. Once she is able to drive again she will be back in Felixstowe at Scribblers.

A message from Caz about the recent Jack Wilkinson Memorial Walk in aid of Cancer Research . She says:

“Please do me a huge favour and thank Morag, Ruth, Tony, Scott (and not forgetting Aimee) for coming along and walking 9 miles in Jack's Memory, on the 9th September.

“Dick deserves a mention too as part of the Committee, he was doing a wonderful job making sure we were all kept in order!

“Jack would have been very touched, as we were, to see so many Scribblers all supporting us and Cancer Research UK. Of course they are not just Scribblers but friends too.

“We hope the event will have raised hundreds of pounds and on that note I would also like to say thank you to Peter and his wife and you Dave for your sponsorship.

“Please forgive me for not attending but one of these days I'll come along and surprise you all but not quite yet. Once again many thanks to all of you for your support and friendship always.

“Lots of love.


The Christmas Social: It was agreed that this would again take the form of a meal and, as before will be held on Tuesday 29th January 2008 at the Grosvenor.

The last meeting before Christmas will be a light hearted affair when members are asked to bring along some goodies to begin the festive cheer.

Meetings in January: Dave to ask the Library to book the Scribblers in on the second and fourth Tuesday of January 2008 with the AGM due to take place on 8th January and the next Bill Budner Anonymous Competition due to take place on 22nd January.


Remember to visit our weblog that can be found at http://nar8or.blogspot.com and our official website at http://felixstowescribblers.com Don’t forget that if you have any news of our old friends, or if you have some news you would like to share, then let us know and we will circulate it and include it on our weblog.

Don’t forget our site at http://onlinescribblers.com, where the open themed competition for members has closed for entries with online voting is now taking place. With the latest news that Rosie and Morag’s entries have currently attracted the most votes and are tied in first place, why not read the stories and vote? Voting closes on Sunday 23rd. and the winner will be announced on Monday. Contact Vincent West for details of membership at organiser@onlinescribblers.com

The 1,500 word open themed homework assignments.

Ruth: Family Snap: The second chapter of her novel surrounding Cath, a woman who was mugged going to buy a pint of milk. Subsequently four years of her memory was lost which Dr Charles, a memory loss therapist with his own issues, is trying to help her recover. Well written words that provoked healthy discussion.

Liliane: Every Little Bit Helps: At times a quite hilarious account of two children desperately wanting to raise cash for charity. They started by selling the newly born kittens many times over, tried to raffle Grandad’s parrot then sell Miss Leonora’s books before charging for tours of their house and gardens. Enterprising mirth from Liliane’s family saga.

The 500 word homework assignment on ’Bulbs’.

Dick: Not Too Much To Ask: Mac and Ted start a gardening scam and buy up trays of bulbs which are dyed to make them colourful to the suckers at a car boot sale. All goes well until it rains...

Rosie: Sated: A quite dynamic work that is full of vivid description and holds the attention of the listener with its flowing account of the effects of achieving the much criticised and deadly model size zero.

Stephen: Those Three Days: A tremendous twist that placed the events of Easter in the present day with journalistic cameras and flash bulbs recording the heretic carrying his cross to his own crucifixion and the media follow up when the body went of Jesus went missing.

Tony: Inside the Semi-detached Cave: The title alone tells the story of how Tony’s fantasy epic of a book is based entirely on homework themes. Another hilarious work that sees Alleyrogs clumsy wife Peasher get her foot stuck in a bucket and breaks the light globe.

Pat: The Old Soldier: A lovely story about Muriel deciding that Percy would become her handyman. Outside were trays of bulbs that Percy was told to plant. Some in the flower bed, some in the vegetable plot. Simple work that would reveal his gardening potential in the spring.

Trish: Daffodil Yellow: Thought provoking tale about Charles Eddy buying some daffodil bulbs for his granddaughter Verity. She heard his car approach and Charles gave her the bulbs explaining they would be yellow in colour. Verity though, was blind and wanted him to describe the colour.

Ally: Dark Stranger: A story that could easily lead into a novel. Tara awoke thinking she heard her young daughter out of bed. The light was out and so Tara opened the bedroom door when the stranger grabbed her and clasped her round the mouth. Tara’s husband came home but she couldn’t warn him…

Morag: Turning On The Light: More fine words from Morag! Neil was meticulous and he had left everything tidy, marked and easy to find in the garage. The phone rang as she tried to take the old bulb out . It was Neil wanting to return home…

Ken: Bulb: A real tale from Ireland. Flash bulbs exploded. The mountains parted opening up the lovely view before them. There was knocking from the boot, but it was locked. His wife got out of the car walked round to the boot and shot three bullets into it..

Peter: There Are Bulbs And Bulbs: Molly was in hospital and Harold was the cause of the visit. The hallway was full of splintered wood and glass. The note left in the hall asked him to change the bulbs. Behind the door was the tray of tulip bulbs that should have been changed for daffodils.

Margareta: Bulbs in Romania: In the schooldays they were digging and sorting out the bulbs. At Harvest Festival a young couple were making dips and sauces for the party but something was very wrong with the onions - in fact the couple had used the special tulip bulbs in error.

Barry: A Sight For Sore Eyes: Floaters in the eyes, bringing back memories of younger days, reading in bed by torchlight, not wearing goggles on the pillion of the motorbike. In Australia the bright sun and the dust. Looking back we should have cared more for our eyes.

Dave: Everlasting Light: A World War One widow in her cottage - the light fails, she calls for her departed to help and the light comes on. Seventy years or more later the cottage is discovered, light still shining and mummified corpse gripping his photo..

Now here’s a real life irony, getting home after the meeting the bulb in the bathroom decided to flash into darkness…and my daughter’s bedroom light also decided that enough was enough! Both on the same night and curses that they always seem to fail at night when you can’t see a hand in front of your face…..

Thanks to Liliane for collecting the key once again.

Our next meeting will be held on Tuesday 2nd October in the Café Libra at Felixstowe Library. Start time 7.30 pm.

The 500 word homework theme is ‘CONFESSIONS‘. Could this subject reveal some long hidden secret from a murky past? The subject certainly whets the appetite!

Pat and Dave will write the open themed 1,500 word homework assignment.

So until next time….

Keep Scribbling!


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