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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Meeting Report and Newsheet


In the Chair: Alex.

Apologies for absence were received from Ruth, Lauren, Steven and Zoe.

In attendance Jane, Peter, Dave, Dick, Tony, Rosie, Les, Scott, Kay, Liliane, Barry, Alex and Stephen.

Here are the minutes from the Felixstowe Scribblers Committee Meeting Minutes held 11.3.08

Present Dave, Barry, Peter, Ruth, Morag, Alex and thanks to Dick for hosting.

Bill Budner Competition entries trickling in, response weaker than hoped for.

Email from Caz No sponsored bike ride in memory of Jack – this year a just giving website. Sponsored Walk 14.9.08 this year.

Treasurers report Funds moved from A+L to HSBC. Will seek annual audit. Peter has contact.

Dave seeking to move house after Easter. Dave will probably be absent some meetings.

Website and weblog now back up to date after a hiatus.

Peter will be absent May and fist meeting in June.

Socials numbers down for the January Grosvenor social, not sure why. Date fixed for next year as 27.1.2009 Discussion on changing format of Christmas Social having a guest speaker. Maybe Tessa West or Maureen Blundel. Maybe move to Castle Lodge Hotel – possibility of offering Speaker overnight accommodation.

Woodbridge WG started up again. Not being advertised. Group of completely new writers is full at present.

Meeting Structure Itinerary of 2008 meetings issued. 20 minutes to be given over to writing exercise. Enough variety and innovation for now.

Competitions considered to be enough for now.

Writers Café spin off event from Ipart 07 next on April 8th. Attendees report event excellent.

Collaboration and events Frustration Art on Prom event not more relevant to S. S maybe to book stall for AOP 2008.

Possible Future Projects Possible collaborations with Pulse, Ipart, Felixstowe TV, AOP and other local festivals discussed. Possible group to be put together to work on Play. Provisionally Dave, Dick, Barry and Peter. Ruth to make preliminary call to IpArt. Discussion was made on possible grant applications. Agreed not relevant to FS and pleased group self funding.

Anthology Aspiration for future Biennial Anthology. Group liked idea of hardback.

Membership Secretary New role for Barry. Will keep in contact with dropped out members.

Felixstowe Library Dave to give Itinerary of 2008 meetings.

Incoming Emails volume mercifully down. Alex offered to share duty. Dave and Alex to discuss separately.

Children’s writing group demand in area for this noted but agreed really beyond what Scribblers can help with for a number of reasons. U18s to be accommodated on ad hoc basis.

Long Pieces Dick to keep log

Rotating chair. Chair to rotate again starting alphabetically on Mar 18th with Alex

Minutes Ruth questioned do we need them. Meeting split. Much discussion. Decision to retain them for present.


Caz emails : A justgiving page in Jack's memory has been set up. it's here at www.justgiving.com/jackwilkinson Caz and Karl are doing the Ride for Life in memory of Jack again this year on 18th May. Any donations would be gratefully received. If you feel you support charity elsewhere please ignore this e-mail. Lots of love and thanks Caz

Gordon and Rexie have emailed to say that their daughter Karen's new book is at YOU TUBE, - just type in PORL under the search engine and you will be able to view the page.

Lauren is absent as she is performing in her school play - good wishes to her!

A provisional plan for change to the 2009 Xmas social resulted in Ruth contacting Maureen Blundell (Liberato) about our January get together and she’s put it in her diary. Ruth also spoke to her parents and says:

“They could do a 3 course meal (home-cooked, of course!) with coffee and chocolates in the lounge afterwards, for £15. We could have a Saturday night if you think it would attract more people?

“Maureen was happy to talk for free, though her travel costs would be around £20 (I thought we could take this from our Scribblers account, if the committee agree?).

Maureen could also run a writing workshop or individual tutorials on the day before or after. I thought we could find out if the group would be interested in this?”

There is an interesting new local website http://www.cwgroup.org.uk/ and is well worth a look. The group itself is based at Hadleigh.


After a slow start Morag reported

“I collected 49 entries and took them to Maureen Budner on Saturday. 30 were from children (including several from Ruth’s group at the Orwell) and the rest were from adults, from afar afield as Norwich, Colchester and even Australia – so news travels.

Maureen is delighted with the response, and will get back to me as soon as possible with the results. As usual, I have numbered all the entries, so they are all anonymous, apart from the children from the Orwell, who wrote their names and addresses on the back of each piece. Maureen says she will give them encouragement for taking part.”

That is a boost in entries after last years initial competition.

The platform:

Les: Forget random bottle chemistry: Untitled: Humorous crime caper.

Scott: Pebble Total Daffodil Filth: Untitled : Funny animal story

Kay : Promotion cliff polkadot recalcitrant: Untitled: Young woman’s career adventures

Liliane: Belligerent shallow message transvestite: A tale of cross dressing

Barry: Friends Bogy Aquamarine disaster: 2 Tales of the marines

Alex: Piccolo, Registration Unsung Parsnip: A serious and a humorous poem

Jane: Plankton, Negligee, shadow, ocean: Untitled: 2 sisters catching up and a murder mystery

Morag: Catacombs, Puddle Diary Phantom: A ghost story, atmospheric stylish

Peter: Bastard, Dickhead, Luck, Venue: Never Again: a public speakers travails

Dave: Sacrifice, Bright, Hunchback horse: Untitled. A little girl aspiring to be a pop star falls in love with a horse

Dick: Greated body steel sword: A saga of knights and assassins

Tony: Parkwarden Abacus Airport vomit: ‘Child of airfix’ Humorous tale of growing up

Stephen: Parkwarden hunchback sacrifice cliff: Tale of a hunchbacked parkwarden

Rosie: Foolish hometown economy sadness: Fighting talk and fish tanks: a tale from real life

All agreed it was a most invigorating meeting.

Next meeting Tuesday 1st April

Homework subject - 500 words on 'Sword'

1,500 open themed assignment Jane, Les

Thanks to Alex for providing both sets of minutes.

Until next time,

Keep Scribbling!



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