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Friday, June 27, 2008


Our next Felixstowe Scribblers meeting takes place this coming Tuesday 1st July at 7.30 in the Café Libra in Felixstowe Library.

Lauren and Trish will provide the 1,500 open themed homework whilst, if I recall correctly, the rest of us should write up to 500 words on ‘Memory'. Peter will make his 'debut' chairing the meeting.

Don't forget the Pulse Fringe Festival, details at http://www.pulsefringe.com/home.htm and the Ipswich Arts Festival events that start tomorrow can be found at http://www.ip-art.com/

A little word of warning - an email has been received from "The NTLWORLD Webmail Team" asking for personal webmail account details and passwords to be provided because of security upgrades. For NTL users who receive this email I would suggest it should be deleted from your inbox and from your deleted box also. It appears that similar style emails asking for account names and passwords are being targeted on some Virgin customers as well. So beware!

On a friendlier note the BBC Writersroom newsletter follows at the end of this email.

Have a good weekend and remember,

Keep Scribbling!


The BBC writersroom newsletter.

Sharman Macdonald Q&A
The writer of The Edge of Love will be in conversation with Kate Rowland on Thursday 3rd July in London. Book your free ticket now.

BBC writersroom roadshows
We're taking the BBC writersroom countrywide. Hear us talk about how our unsolicited scripts system works - and you can even give us your script in person.

Jack Thorne Interview
Jack Thorne - writer for Skins and Shameless - talked to us last week.

Writing Radio Drama
Read our collection of tips on writing radio drama.

Script Archive
Read scripts for shows including EastEnders, Casualty, Waking the Dead, and Silent Witness in our TV Drama script archive.

Submitting your script to BBC writersroom
Want to write for the BBC? Find out what to send us on our script submissions page.

Micheal Jacob tells more about the Comedy College, while Paul Ashton talks about Sharps. Join the conversation.

Tamasha New Writing
Intensive, fully-subsidised training for aspiring British Asian playwrights.

Peter Ustinov Television Scriptwriting Award
Win $2,500 and a trip to New York where your script will be read at the International Emmys.

Protect the Human
Playwriting competition for Amnesty International and iceandfire theatre with a £3,000 prize.

The Alfred Fagon Award
£5,000 award for a new stage play by a playwright of Caribbean or African descent.

Summer Challenge
Open writing call for unagented writers offering representation and a development deal.

The Peter Wolff Theatre Trust Supports The John Whiting Award
Receive a £6,000 award for a recently-produced play.


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