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Friday, August 22, 2008

Report of the Meeting




In the Chair: Dick.

Apologies for absence were received from Rosie, Morag and Dave.

In attendance: Barry, Peter, Tony, Lauren, Jack, Jayne, Les, Alex, Trish, Liliane, Dick, Stephen and Angela.

A warm welcome was given to Angela who has recently moved into Felixstowe. A keen tennis player, Angela was the winner of this years IpArt Short Story Competition


Rosie is still on holiday but hopefully will resume at our next meeting in September. The news from Morag is quite exciting as a short story that was accepted by People’s Friend over a year ago will finally be published in this week’s issue. Well done Morag! Unable to attend because of work, Morag should resume next time. Dave had a cataract removed and is feeling fine although he will not be able to drive for a while.

Really good news comes from Alex who has passed levels 1 and 2 of his literature course, so many congratulations Alex!

Bumped into a former member of our group, Richard, who is doing well these days although his writing has dried up for the time. He keeps abreast of our events via the newsletters and says he would like to return one day.

Here’s something interesting to do with publication of an anthology. It comes from Belinda in Queensland who has been in touch again to say that her writers’ club book launch went well and their anthology has already sold out. They had a tremendous book launch at their local library with the Deputy Mayor doing the honours in front of a really good crowd. Belinda had three pieces in the book including an editing hic-up with one of her stories. There were some behind the scenes tension and disputes that not all members knew about with someone trying to take over and control things.

Belinda says “It sure is interesting to see the dynamics when you work or enter into group activities – and not just in a writer’s group. Our first editor wanted to change stories to read how she liked to read stories which is how mine got changed and then, to top it all off, wanted her name on all the front pages! Talk about strict with grammar and spelling – it was way over the top for today’s writing, be it politically correct or not, and has loosened up from the rigid 1930’s when it seems this woman was raised. Anyway the book finally saw the light of day and was published to a lot of credit to the group.”

Things like that don’t happen at Scribblers, do they? Well do they?

Just a brief reminder that the Jack Wilkinson Memorial Walk in aid of Cancer Research takes place on Sunday 14th September with the choice of either a 5 mile or 9mile sponsored walk. Details and sponsorship forms are available from Dick.


Angela made her Scribblers debut reading out her winning entry from the IpArt Short Story Competition : “Home Thoughts”.

1,500 word opened themed assignments.

Liliane: Laying the Ghost (part 2)
Les: Hats

500 word themed assignments on “Employment.”

Tony: A Long Nights Journey Into Day – The Wilderness Days
Lauren: Mindless
Jack: A No Brainer
Jayne: Finding Your Voice
Trish: Who Needs a Bra?
Peter: Bird Brain
Stephen: Brains
Barry: Pick of the Day
Dick: A Slight Mix-up

Another entertaining evening, so pleasing to hear Angela’s work, the non-fiction recollections of Les’s time in a drama group and Peter’s words about birds and Jayne with her twist in the tail. Some really good words from all.

Thanks to Dick for providing the meeting notes.

Our Next Meeting ..

is in TWO weeks time in the Café Libra, Felixstowe Library, on Tuesday 2nd September, at 7.30pm.

Homework Assignment.

The opened themed 1,500 word work will be provided by Stephen and Tony whilst everyone else is invited to write 500 words on “SAUSAGES”.

Chairperson next time: Morag (subject to confirmation).

Until then,

Keep Scribbling!



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