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Friday, September 02, 2005

Felixstowe TV: the latest on the mini sieries: and a request from Giles.

Request forwarded from Giles Meehan :

Music video - actors required! Chris needs three actors for a one-off music video, which features a rather stylish jazz duo. One of the songs is a story which needs three characters to illustrate; first, a man, 40-50, to play an author. Needs a "lived-in" face, looks reaonably fit. We need a girl, appears around 20ish, although perhaps with a young face, and finally a French waiter, tall, skinny, any age.
There are NO LINES. The roles are just to illustrate the story in the song.
In addition, if anyone has a reasonable-sized yacht, or large motor cruiser, in the family, we'd like one to use as a setting for part of this song!
Chris Gosling wwwelixstowetv.co.uk
EDIT(03.01.06)********contact details removed***********
Also an update on the filmimg schedule....
The schedule's changed slightly because of availability etc., but here's the plan as it stands:
Sun 4 Sep ("Art on the Prom" day), 10:30-12:00 (meeting by the fish hut near the pier):
The boat scenes by the pier (E3 S4&5 p6-7): Percy & Rita, Misc 1 + Misc 2, and hopefully a good crowd (let people know!).

If one or two people are free to help with the boat, that would be good (but it would probably mainly just be standing around!).

Sat 10 Sep, 10:00-11:00: The shooting of a certain well-known local radio celebrity: Only Chris (Tony) and Rachel Sloane needed. ***HAS ANYONE GOT AN AIR MATTRESS WE COULD BORROW FOR RACHEL TO COLLAPSE
Sun 11 Sep: No filming.

Sun 18 Sep: Buying a gun - E4 S1 p1-3 : Percy & Rita, Gunner Bates.

Using the gun (!) - E4 S3 p8-9 : Percy & Rita only.

POSSIBLY the bit inside Coes - E1 S2,4,5 p1-5 : Percy & Rita, Chris & Lucy, Coes shop assistant (Helen). [We'd have to start early as Chris (Tony) may have to be finished early, and the shop isn't confirmed yet.] OR OTHERWISE POSSIBLY all the Men In Black (just posing, no words to learn) : Dawson, Thompson, Damian (= MIB3), MIB4, Toby, any extra MIBs Chris G has found... [depends on everyone's availability]

Sun 25 Sep: E3 S3 p5-6: Mildred & Winnie only.

E3 S7 p8: Mildred & Winnie & Uncle Harry only.

E4 S2b p7, E5 S1 p1: Bill & Bert only.

Early October: Probably a weekend off!

The bit outside Landguard Fort - E2 S3-6 p2-5 : Chris & Lucy, Dawson, MIB4, Head of Ops (Mr Big), Bill & Bert, (and Percy & Rita very briefly). The arcade - E4 S2 & S2a p1-7 : Chris & Lucy, Micky & Jamie, Uncle Harry, Politician, possibly any MIBs, (and Rita very briefly).
Thanks for keeping interested! (Hopefully...!!)

Giles Meehan.
EDIT(03.01.06)********contact details removed***********


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