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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Felixstowe Scribblers: Report of Meeting 18th October.

Felixstowe Scribblers Report of Meeting 18th October 2000


were received from Gordon who is on Portman Road duty, Caz and Jack - details follow and from Louis who says that his work has taken him far from the East Anglian coastline since arriving home from Canada!

Inattendance were Judy, Alex, Ann, Liliane, Morag, Charlotte, Bill S, Christine S, Scott, Dick, Tony, Les, Bill B, Mark, Christine H, Lisa, Ken, Zoe, Barry, Allen, Mavis, Kate and Dave.

It was nice to be able to properly welcome Bill, Christine and their daughter Charlotte and also Barry along for their first full meeting. Charlotte is a short story writer hoping to get published whilst her father Bill S wrote his first short story that he read out at the meeting. Bill is a born again writer hoping to achieve publication once more.


The latest news from Caz is that Jack has had his operation in Great Ormond Street and at the time of writing these notes he is recovering well. He is off pain relief and anti-biotics, keeps joking with the nurses and has even been wheeled to the hospital shop! It is slow progress after such a major operation but it is wonderful to hear all this positive news.


It was good to see Allen back at the meeting. Our senior member at very nearly 79 years of age, Allen has spent quite some time with his family in Wales and in Scotland. He has recently had a scan that shows him clear of cancer but soon has to return to hospital for another check. Thanks to Judy for collecting him and taking him home again.


The day really had to come when Belinda and Geoff jetted off back to their promised land of Oz. I know that many of us had become very close and dear friends with them since they first came along to Scribblers. Belinda especially will be missed for all the cookies and cakes that were supplied for virtually any birthday or anniversary going - any excuse eh? - but that's not forgetting some of the great stories and poems she wrote with her creative innovations. Geoff? Well wasn't he great? A real good laugh. We'll miss them both as Scribblers just won't seem the same now. Our best wishes go to them for a happy future down under.



had a successful book signing session on Sunday last by all accounts and has apparently impressed many people with The James Version. There is a waiting list for the library copies - but the book is obtainable in most bookshops in Felixstowe.


Poor Tony is currently plastered - well and truly plastered up to the left knee - after tearing his Achilles tendon playing volleyball in the Westbourne Gym in Ipswich. He expects to be out of action for about ten weeks meaning some disruption to plays and his role in the Felixstowe TV serial. At least he made it to Scribblers and still managed to get to the Alex - thanks to Alex - for an after meeting drink.


Caught the end of a poem being read out on Radio Suffolk recently which was attributed to one Edward Giles. I wonder if this is our Edward who is now no longer able to attend? I have emailed him but have had
no response, so if anyone has any information on Edward then please let me know.


A reminder was given to the Scribblers that there are three ways open to publication on the website via Online Jotters. There are two writing competitions - one for short stories and the other for poetry. Additionally there is also the ongoing writer's tennis which has now reached the 10th episode. Keep up the good work Jotters! Go to


The next Jotters post on the website is due on Friday this week.

If you have emailed the Jotters but had no response then please advise Dave at

scribblers@ntlworld.com as

We need to know if anything is going astray.


With over 1,700 hits now, it seems our website - albeit temporary - is being viewed by folk from all over the world. True 70% of hits are from the British Isles but that leaves 30% foreign hits with 10% each from the United States and France. Brilliant news and well done to Alex for keeping the site so informative and interesting. View it at


Incidentally our new website is being constructed and its progress may be viewed at

http://felixstowescribblers.com Click on the word test at the bottom right hand corner to enter the site. Anything you
spot that is not quite right or would like to suggest then please email Alex at


With the homework held over from the last meeting, Les began the open themed work with 'Easter in Cyprus' followed by Judy's holiday afloat 'It Wasn't All Fun. '

The 500 word themed topics began with 'Afternoon Tea' by Bill S before Scott relayed 'The Wedding Party'. Bill B shared Elegance Eclipsed and Lisa 'The Mars and Venus Thing.' Christine H read 'Observations' and Ken read out Gordon's 'Table Talk'. Our poet Zoe provided some flowing lines with 'Waiting' and Barry shared his 'Table Photo'.

Mavis had left her reading glasses at home so Kate volunteered to read her extract from 'A Painters Lot'. Kate then continued with her own 'Maude' whilst Dave and Dick read another version of Bill and Bert. Alex read a stunning 'Memory of the Sea' and Ann her 'Unrequited Love'. Morag shared 'In Their Absence' and Liliane her 'Strange Happening in the Beer Garden'. To round off events Tony persuaded Dick, Alex and Ann to read parts of a parody stage play set in the days of the Cold War.


Our next Felixstowe Scribblers meeting is in two weeks time on Tuesday 1st November at the usual 7.30pm start time at the Felixstowe Library. This time it will be just a different…

The homework assignment will have a spooky Halloween theme and for this meeting only you may compile up to 750 words to scare the wits out of the rest of us! PLEASE BRING A BATTERY POWERED TORCH ALONG TO THIS MEETING IF YOU CAN. IT MAY HELP TO PROVIDE A BEWITCHING ATMOSPHERE!

For Health and Safety minded folks, personal safety will be observed at all times.

Until next time,

Keep Scribbling!



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