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Monday, November 28, 2005

Bookforce are launching the Undiscovered Authors writing competition in Suffolk.

Natalie Matthews from Undiscovered Authors writes ...

Dear Felixstowe Scribblers,

I am writing to inform you that Bookforce, the London based Publishing Company, are launching the Undiscovered Authors writing competition in your area.

Entries can be on any subject matter, under the categories of General Fiction, Non-Fiction and Academic. The prizes for your region are £1,000 per category. Three winners from each region will be entered into a national final with a winning prize of £10,000 for General Fiction, £5,000 for Non-Fiction and £2,000 for Academic.

To register simply visit www.undiscoveredauthors.co.uk and complete the online Registration Form. Then send us a sample chapter (10,000 words max) and a synopsis (500 words max) of your work by 31st December 2005.

We are also running events at Starbucks’ stores across the country, encouraging people to come along and write the opening page of their book. Each participant will receive a free coffee and muffin whilst they write, and a prize of £100 and a Starbuck’s Coffee at Home set will be awarded for the best opening page. Please check our website for further information.(see note below)

We look forward to receiving your group’s entries.

Yours Faithfully
Natalie Matthews
Undiscovered Authors

.... cheers Natalie, definatley a superior competion, also worth a visit is the bookforce website which offers a pile of service to authors including self publishing services that start as low as £99 (with an ISBN number).

I checked out the local Starbucks and it doesnt seem to be running in London or Cambridge branches.


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