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Friday, November 25, 2005

Felixstowe Port - The Past by Pat Gardiner

Pat GardinerTo be completely honest I wouldnt like to try to chance a micro-biography of Pat Gardiner because I dont really know enough - and I hate trying to sum someone and their hard graft up in a few condacending words - but I do know and I will say with the very greatest of certainty is I really, really like his work. Better to let you read his self penned biography or @Chips With Everthing' which is well ... I dont know what .... maybe a manifesto.

I first came across his local colour filled work in the middle of the night a few years back when I was bored and just playing around with google and what a find it was - I read his descriptions of the growth of the Port and the people that built it up for hours. I really think this is a good bit of primary history that seems to go far enough but not too far - he just states clearly what he saw and how he saw it. The structure of the site seems to have changed since then - it was arranged as a novel but now seems to be organised as a sieries of articles.

You can read the collection of approximately 20 articles at Felixstowe Port - The Past by Pat Gardiner.

Pat used to be a member of the Scribblers up untill roughly 3 years ago and to be honest we havent heard of him in a while.

He still interestingly has one of the top google search results for Felixstowe.

He has another website Felixstowe Port - Now that doesnt appear to have been updated since 2001 either.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, thanks for that! I just found it by chance.

I don't any longer write much about Felixstowe's port. It has changed so much, I feel very much yesterday's man.

Just to reassure the few that still remember me, I'm still about and campaigning, from Norfolk, on issues connected with animal health.

Those who have enjoyed my writing may find interest in www.go-self-sufficient.com.

I find myself very baffled and somewhat humbled by its success.

Pat Gardiner

Wednesday, September 27, 2006 11:55:00 am  

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