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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Creative Writing in Suffolk: Peppy Barlow takes a Creative Writing Group at the Ipswich institute.

Peppy BarlowYou need to be a member of the Ipswich Institute (location of the Ipswich Institute) to join this group, which also allows access to their Library and reading rooms. The writing group meets fortnightly on Wednesday Afternoons. This very successful group has a capacity of 14 and is fully subscribed until Easter 2006.

So the next question is who is Peppy Barlow? Peppy as Im sure many of you will know is a local playwright of quite some standing. To grossly oversimplify; much of Peppy's work is based in the heritage and Experiences of herself and her family who were out in India and then at the end of the Empire moved back to England. Her largest body of work to date has been an almost completed Trilogy based on this story consisting of 'Missing', 'Mothering Sunday' and 'Broken'.

Peppy Barlow's most recent production that I am aware of was Broken put on as part of the 2005 Wolsey 'Pulse' Festival - it was described in the programme as 'A work in progress by Peppy Barlow' and was described on the Wolsey Website as .... ‘I never meant to come back to this place of words and pain.’ Brother and sister meet after years as strangers. Both come armed with their version of the truth. They have survived their sister and now they see in each other a reflection of a shattering other self'.

Peppy Barlow's next production that I am aware of is THE SUTTON HOO MOB by Peppy Barlow an Eastern Angles production Touring to community and village halls across East Anglia between February and May 2006. From the Eastern Angles website .... 'The long awaited revival of our Ealing-style comedy about the discovery of the Sutton Hoo treasure in 1939....Once again, the unsung hero Basil Brown shows the Cambridge boffins a thing or two, and this time the period songs are sung live!....A delightful tale of English eccentricity, involving bicycles, prophetic visions, secret hiding places, priceless treasure in grocery boxes, and a race to h(b?)eat Hitler's bombers.'

Association of Past Life HealersIncidentally Peppy Barlow is also a member and practioner at the Association of Past Life Healers; from her biography on the website .... 'I came to past lives through my writing. The writing itself was a form of self exploration and nothing I could find explained my emotional reactions. Once I started working with past lives I began to get answers and can truly say that it has changed the way I experience life.' .... Read Peppy Barlow's biography on the Association of Past Life Healers here; a field I know more than a couple of Scribblers will have an interest in.

UPDATE 3.11.05
We have recieved the following breif mail from Peppy ....

Dear Scribblers

That is a very nice write up. Who did that? I was very glad to find out who I was.

Best Peppy


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