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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Premiere and Christmas Party: The next meeting is Tuesday 20th December at 7.30pm.

Being the final meeting of the year and just before Christmas too, it has been usual for the Scribblers to have a little party rather than a normal meeting. Plans had been made to hold this meeting at the Library on Tuesday 20th December between 7.30 and 9 pm with the party moving on to the Brook Hotel afterwards for a viewing of the Felixstowe TV mini-serial.
Now since our meeting two things have been discovered and clarification is being sought - first that the Library will actually be closed for a period up to and including the 20th December and not the 19th as originally advertised. Additionally the Brook Hotel has agreed for the use of a room only between 7.30 and 9.00 pm.
Currently the option seems to be that we will meet at the Brook Hotel but this will be confirmed in the first half of next week. So, Scribblers, sorry for any confusion at this present time but details will follow.


No homework has been set for the meeting - instead, any ideas for the AGM, events for next year, etc., please let me know by the 20th.
So until next time,


UPDATE - (0000 7.12.05) When I first posted this I wasn't in possession of the full set of facts - the following is what is actually going to be happening. Sorry for any trouble caused.

The next meeting is on Tuesday 20th December and is commencing at Felixstowe Library at 7.30pm. As well as our usual 'mini' Christmas Party where some Scribblers bring along a few nibbles and a certain Scribbler will bring along a boom box and a case of lager (I wonder who that could be?) After that we will be accepting Felixstowe TV's invite and will be going along to The Brook Hotel at approximately 9.00pm to see the 'Premiere' of the completed first few episodes of the mini sieries. Apparently all the actors will be there and we are quite looking forward to it.

The Brook HotelAs well as our 'mini' Christmas Party where some scribblers bring along a few nibbles and a certain Scribbler brings along a boom box and a case of lager at the next meeting Felixstowe TV will be along with the completed first few episondes of the mini sieries so it will be a Premiere too. The next meeting is on Tuesday 20th December and is at Felixstowe Library at 7.30pm.

More information about the Brook Hotel Felixstowe.


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