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Saturday, March 17, 2007



Apologies for absence were received from Christine, Kay and Caz

In attendance were Dick, Barry, Peter, Louis, Morag, Les, Judy, Trish, Alex, Liliane, Ruth, Kate and Dave

Scribblers News:

Alex reports that the weblog is currently unable to be updated which has been caused by an alteration to the blogging administration. Hopefully this glitch will soon be overcome.

Christine is currently suffering from dental problems and doesn’t want to go out in the cold. With the warmer weather on its way, she hopes to be able to come along to Scribblers again soon.

Kay has been caught by her daughter’s school trip having had to collect her around the same time that Scribblers was due to start. She feels bad about this especially as she suggested the homework subject of ’Slavery’.

Liliane is jetting off to Australia for six weeks to stay with her son. Over there she will have internet access so hope she will be able to keep up with all the news. Thanks to Liliane, we always have the key available for the library but, in her absence, Peter has kindly agreed to take over.

Caz tells me that she really is not up to coming along to Scribblers at the moment. She says ‘I saw Dick and Christine outside Tesco last Friday and had a little chat. Trying to explain how I can't attend Scribblers despite all my friends being there. Sue Smith came yesterday and we filled in our part of the form. The rest of the form and other bank papers, cheque books etc I hope to drop off to Peter this afternoon. Sorry it has taken me so long to get my act together. I don't know what I'm doing half the time.’

Caz went on to say that ‘on Monday 26th February we (Caz and Karl) went up to Cambridge where Liam presented his cheque to CLIC Sargent for £70.676.75.on his 12th Birthday. We drank champagne, ate cake, were on Anglia Tonight (but not in our region) and it was a real treat to see Liam so happy and well. I made a pact that we would get together on his eighteenth and I would buy him a pint.’

And then:

‘Last Friday we learned that Liam has relapsed with a tumour in his lung and starts chemotherapy this week back on C2 in Addenbrook’s for six days. He will then be due another course in around three weeks before surgery and further chemotherapy. Everyone is optimistic as it was spotted early but remain scared at the same time.’

What a terrible shock after all the efforts he made, and in Jack’s memory too. It was reported on BBC Look East today (Friday). Our thoughts and prayers are with him.

Had a brief email from the other Barry, Barry Love, who came along to Scribblers a few times during the Library renovations. He is starting another new job soon and, as he was before, is still in the lift business and being kept very busy. This is hampering his writing and, for the time being anyway, is calling a halt on his writing. He sends his regards to all.

Our new treasurer Peter is currently re-registering the new details of signatories etc., and will soon be happily settled in his counting house!

Gordon and Rexie also send their regards to everyone. Gordon, as you are aware, has a contract to run poker classes at the Man in the Moon on Tuesday evenings in Ipswich. Rexie says they are organising a Poker Tournament on 21st of April for their charity ‘Children of Pulilan Foundation’ - their website may be found at www.thechildrenofpulilanfoundation.co.uk

It’s £4.00 a ticket with some prize money - half the proceeds will go to the charity and half in cash prizes. Rexie and Gordon may be contacted by phone on 01473 729103 or 273500.

Don’t be put off if you can’t play poker as they will teach you everything you want to know!

Morag explained that she has never written any form of script before and has sent off a sample of her ’Green Wellies’ script for feedback. She says that a grant to fund the filming has been applied for. Here’s to her success.

Remember Sue? Sue Smith that is. She tells me that as far as her writing is concerned she had quite a good year in 2006, being shortlisted to the final stages in two Writing for Children Competitions, and a short story published in the children's magazine Aquila, which seems to have gone down really well and has since, I've heard, been used at Deben School to help children with their coursework!

Online Scribblers are still seeking an organiser to get the site motivated once again. There is no compulsion for members of Felixstowe Scribblers to join, but the site does offer secure areas where members may share and comment upon each others work. The competition side was quite successful last year and I feel certain that this will be re-established once an organiser is found. To either join or apply for the organising role, go to http://onlinescribblers.com


The competition has now closed and entries are currently being short listed by Felixstowe Library staff before being passed to Bill’s widow, Maureen for the final selection of winners. Whilst the adult section attracted 18 entries - from as far a field as Australia, and from various parts of Britain, there were only five entries from the children’s section despite local schools being circulated. The results will be announced as soon as possible - so best of luck to everyone who entered.

The open themed 1,500 word homework assignment was read by Trish and Louis.

Trish: The Sexton: Based on an event that happened in Devon many moons ago, the sexton had dug a grave, had trouble removing the rings from the corpse so put its finger to his mouth and then…

Louis: Excerpt from his novel (virtually complete): Based on three students living together in Toxteth who were persuaded to invest in some drugs and armed with a handful of ‘Queen’s leaves’ set about their eventful venture.

The 500 word homework assignment was set as ’Slavery’.

Les: Abolished or Pull the Other One: a look at many of the things we are slaves to.

Judy: American Dream: A profound story of how we are slaves to the American way of life.

Alex: The Offer: Base once more on true events. A lorry is stopped and its cargo of illegal Albanians all having paid their passage are now faced with a huge debt to the traffickers.

Liliane: Slavery: A cross section of facts about slavery from Roman times, the capture, ownership and sale…

Ruth: Brown Eyes: A vivid but shocking tale of the conditions for a woman on a slave ship bound for England.

Kate: Shingle Street: Descriptive words of the unique place; its solitude, and serenity sharing its own calmness with the Scribblers.

Dave: Poor Suffering Mary: Set in the time of Jack the Ripper, a young woman alone in London, hiding from but being tracked down and captured by a work master.

Dick: A Question of Honour: Concerns a merchant who complains of his treatment in the bank - later attacked by the umbrella wielding manager.

Barry: Bella: Set in Charlestown, the trial of a slave who escaped after her Matthias was shot dead for accidentally standing on his masters dog…

Peter: Mother’s Grumpy Slave: A light hearted look at the subject that perhaps lifted the spirits from the theme of the evening - this, a slave to Mother Nature.

The homework topic for our next meeting is ‘New Beginning’ - perhaps a new baby or grandparent in the family, a new job, a new lifestyle - the subject offers a very wide scope for some creative writing.

The 1,500 word open themed homework is to be written by Barry and Dick.

Our next Felixstowe Scribblers meeting is set for Tuesday 20th March at 7.30pm in the Library.

So until then,

Keep Scribbling!



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