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Thursday, May 24, 2007



Incorporating the


In the Chair: Ruth, for what turned out to be a very enjoyable meeting.

Apologies for absence were received from Trish, Kate, Judy, Peter, Alex and Caz.

In attendance were Liliane, Barry, Dave Dick, Rani, Les, Kay, Rosemary, Morag, Tony, Lisa, Maurice and Ruth.

Scribblers News:

A special welcome was given to Rosemary, our 15 year old winner of the Bill Budner short story competition. Rosemary, who is writing a story with a friend on line, each taking the part of one character, decided she would like to expand her writing and visit the Scribblers.

It was also a welcome back to Lisa who was making her second appearance of the year. She is hoping to attend a little more frequently from now on.

It was also nice to welcome two visitors to the group. First Liliane’s daughter Rani who has visited us two or three times before, and also Maurice, who is visiting from the northwest. Maurice has run writing competitions for many years and also published several books as well.

An update on Kate is that, following an emergency scan on Friday 13th April she underwent an operation ten days later on Monday 23rd. and is now at home recovering from her ordeal. Not being able to drive for up to seven weeks is, she says, going to be a real challenge but over the next few weeks she will gain more strength and be able to do a few more gentle tasks.

Judy is in the wars having injured her back and been virtually bed bound for sometime now. Lets home she soon improves too. Perhaps we should send our best wishes to both Kate and Judy for speedy recoveries.

Trish was missing for this meeting as she was going to a meeting concerning the ‘Dissolution of Abbeys’.

Caz emailed the following to the Scribblers:

“Sorry, my apologies once again as I will not be attending the meetings for the time being. It is all too soon for me to be that brave but please thank all my friends at Scribblers for all their love and support. I saw both Ruth and Liliane during two days of fundraising for Macmillan at Solar. These days were arranged for May 2006 but I was unable to do them because Jack was unwell. It was very difficult for me to come out and face the World but Jack would want me to continue my fundraising.

“So eight of us as a group cycled 25 miles for EACH yesterday afternoon . All was well (although really tough for me as I'm so unfit at present) until the rains came as forecast. Eight drowned rats completed 25 miles in Jack's memory and we hope that we'll have raised a few pounds in the process. Jack was in heart and head when things got tough and I asked him to lend me his wings and his courage to get me round and I know he helped me to finish.

“My love to all my friends,


Belinda and Geoff sent a lovely tribute to Jack from their home in Australia that Caz loaned to Scribblers for the evening. It really was a lovely tribute.

New Virus warning:

Caz has informed us of a virus warning she has received and it seems this may be a genuine one. With the subject line on emails reading "Osama Bin Laden Captured” or "Osama Hanged", the advice is to delete the email and certainly do not open any attachments.


As we are all aware the winner of the competition went to Belinda all the way down there in Australia. However she emailed Maureen Budner with the following:

“Dear Maureen,

With the competition winners now announced, I would like to donate my winnings to the Felixstowe Scribblers in memory of Bill. I will leave it up to the group to decide what it is they would like to buy or use the money for. If Scribbler's buy something for the group's use then it could be in memory of Bill.

With Many Thanks,

Belinda Janz.”

What a lovely gesture this was. The prize money, it was agreed by all present, would go towards the purchase of the trophy for our own in-house competitions that we began at this meeting. With the cup selected from the catalogue that Scott provided, a very easy decision was made to name it “The Bill Budner Cup”. These words will be engraved on the cup along with each winner of the trophy.

With the cheque since received from Maureen, I telephoned her to thank her for suggesting the competition in the first place and for donating the prizes. It really was an enjoyable competition which Maureen was pleased with, especially that the winners were shared between old and current Scribblers and also a member of the public too. She was also delighted to hear that Rosemary came along to our meeting. I have also sent a Thankyou email to Belinda.

Other news:

There is another hiccup with our weblog at http://nar8or.blogspot.com where my postings have been temporarily blocked. This meant that I was unable to include information on Tony’s Cabaret events at St Augustine’s Church on Saturday at 2.30pm and 7.30pm.

I am hoping that Alex will soon be able to provide the solution to resuming posting again. After all the work he put into the site it is a shame that additions cannot be made. Don’t forget, though, to keep an eye on the site to see the updates soon. There is also our website at http://felixstowescribblers.com that can be viewed at any time. There is also our online group at http://onlinescribblers.com for those who cannot attend meetings.

Wanted: Ideas for a summer social event as soon as possible please. Please let Ruth know - the possibility is a beach party with Ruth’s beach hut for shelter!

The Homework Assignment:

Our anonymous reading ‘competition’ proved to be a really great success. With eleven people participating, including Rosemary, it provided a lot of enjoyment with authors able to sit back and listen to their work being read by someone else.

The basic rules were that all work was submitted anonymously in typed format. Placed face down on a table, each writer gathered a work then had a few minutes to read it through and understand it. Each person present was handed a card and asked to write each title down and then mark their first three choices. At the end of the readings, the cards were deposited in a box, taken away and then counted with the winning work then announced. Only then was the writer identified.

Taking Flight : Read by Kay. Charles leaves his wife Barbara but she doesn’t realise. Written by Ruth.

Solitary: Read by Les: Account of a prisoner in solitary confinement recalling the events leading to imprisonment. Turns out to be a cat! Written by Dave.

Village Life: Read by Dick: Lucas: A grieving boy with a broken arm after an attack over land. Peasant’s revolt. Written by Barry.

The Inconvenience: Read by Dave: An account of a woman going to a public convenience! And the woman who worked there. Written by Kay.

Stevie and the Kid: Read by Barry: A man takes summer walks and is wanted and followed by a girl. They grow up and have a child. Written by Tony.

Holly’s Half: Read by Liliane: A teenager at a rave type party. Drug taking, dancing… then coming down … Written by Lisa.

Wakey! Wakey!: Read by Ruth: A man’s sleepless night before an interview. Written by Les.

The Party: Read by Lisa: Description of a house party that gets gatecrashed and becomes a disaster with wide ranging consequences. Written by Liliane.

Breach: Read by Tony: A woman going through security checks at customs with a coffin. Written by Rosemary.

My Impulse Venture: Read by Morag: Answering an ad for a housekeeper, Emily goes for an interview with a positive outcome. Written by Dick.

Instant Karma: Read by Rosemary: Rachel, at work, sees her lover with his wife and ends up in a car crash. Written by Morag.

After the readings, the marking and the announcement of the winner and the closeness of votes. The top three places were separated by a single vote. Result:

1st Stevie and the Kid by Tony

Joint 2nd The Inconvenience by Kay and Wakey, Wakey! By Les.

The standard of work was unusually high and one of the things that added to the fun was trying to guess who wrote what work. How wrong can a group of writers be?

An excellent nights work and one that will now be repeated on a regular quarterly basis.

Our next Felixstowe Scribblers meeting is set for Tuesday 5th June at 7.30pm in the Café Libra at the Library and will be chaired by Dave.

The homework assignment is to write 500 words maximum on “BOTTLE”.

The 1500 word work will feature Rosemary reading her winning entry in the Bill Budner Competition, entitled “Driftwood”. The other work will be Belinda’s winning entry “Miss Sandy Shore’s Mid Life Crisis” which Kay will read.

So until then,

Keep Scribbling!


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