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Saturday, May 05, 2007



Incorporating the


In the Chair: Dave

Apologies for absence were received from Kate, Judy, Peter and Alex.

In attendance were Dick, Stephen, Tony, Trish, Morag, Kay, Zoe, Les, Ruth, Liliane, Barry and Dave.

Scribblers News:

A welcome back to Liliane fresh from her Australian holiday.

An update on Kate is that, following an emergency scan on Friday 13th April she underwent an operation ten days later on Monday 23rd. and is now at home recovering from her ordeal. Not being able to drive for up to seven weeks is, she says, going to be a real challenge but over the next few weeks she will gain more strength and be able to do a few more gentle tasks.

Judy is in the wars having injured her back and been virtually bed bound for sometime now. Lets home she soon improves too. Perhaps we should send our best wishes to both Kate and Judy for speedy recoveries.

Our friend Gordon has been in touch and sends his best wishes to everyone. He now has a website for his growing poker business so if you would like to see what he's up to then go to www.freewebs.com/grpoker.

Belinda too, has been in touch sending a lengthy email to us saying that she and Geoff have been very busy with work with a good run of security work at regular events.

She says “It was so wonderful to read in the last email from Scribblers about Scott and Aimee's upcoming wedding - how wonderful for them and maybe we could get a photo or 2 of the event somewhere on the site - not sure if that is possible. Please pass on our CONGRATULATIONS to them both. Please also send on our wishes of good health soon and speedy recovery for Kate too. I am unsure what the operation is for but hope all went well.”

Belinda went on to ask about both Gordon and Rexie and also Lisa, before telling us about the local writer's group she joined 9 months ago. She still doesn’t feel really connected to the group in any way and partly it maybe the format and not having unison over the style or what the group is hoping to achieve. The leader of the group ‘seems happy to lead us to the edge and leave us there to take flight in whatever way that may be - not unlike leading us into battle but then retreating away because I'm too busy for this war so’ He said "if you want to have a go, by all means go for it, but I have too much on in my life to do anything extra". So just between you and me why start a writer's group? If you're that busy then don't start something new.

Each month they have at least one guest speaker recently they had a Psychic talk to them all of which is right up Belinda’s alley. Lilla gave a very good talk on encouraging thought process for writing and how to read the signs and messages all around in our everyday life and how they can be incorporated into a story. She also suggested keeping a Dream Journal as they can provide interesting messages and storylines. Ironically Lilla has joined the writing group and is the first one of the group that Belinda has connected with. Finally Belinda says “It's interesting that the group has a large number of ex UK people who all are glad to have escaped here whilst I am wanting to get back there. Oh well that's life. I must say though I am enjoying being reunited with the sun again and the beach when we can get there.”


The inaugural writing competition organised by Maureen Budner in memory of her late husband Bill, drew many entries from Felixstowe, Ipswich and surrounding areas, together with some just a little further afield like Brighton and Bristol and far beyond.

The standard of all entries was very high and after great deliberation the winners were announced as:


1st place : Belinda Janz of Queensland, Australia with her story "Miss Sandy Shore's Midlife Crisis."
2nd place : Ruth Dugdall of Felixstowe, with her entry "My Brother the Sea."
3rd place : Stephen Sharp of Trimley with "Morning Sea."


1st place : Rosemary Woolley, age 15, with "Driftwood."
2nd place : Aysia Schuetzle, age 14, with "Lost to the Sea."
3rd place : Samantha Healey, age 14, with "Lost at Sea."
Consolation prizes are being awarded to other entrants in this section.

From Felixstowe Scribblers, many congratulations to all the winners, sincere thanks to Maureen for this excellent competition and to every entrant, young and old alike, very many thanks for your wonderful stories. The Bill Budner Short Story Competition

Other news:

At last, after such a long time, the transfer to new signatories and treasurer have been accepted by the bank and so we are now in a position to deposit the limited funds we receive from our refreshments. Peter, currently making his way via France to Italy, will be pleased to know that everything has come to fruition and also that Dick is proving a more than capable deputy!

Updates are now being place on the weblog at http://nar8or.blogspot.com where the number of hits on the site now approach the 8,000 mark and page views are around 15,000. All thanks to Alex of course.

The “Good Friday” competition being that was organised by Online Scribblers has now closed for entries which can be viewed on their website. Online voting is now in place and will be open until 14th May with the winning entry being announced on the evening of 15th May. Go to http://onlinescribblers.com to read the entries and vote!

In the last report research opportunities were mentioned at both Felixstowe Library and the Suffolk Record Office and I can quote some lovely words of praise from our good friend Di:

"Hi Scribblers!

"I have about 3 weeks left before it is all over. It feels like only yesterday that I was down the record office looking for documents on my first research project. The dissertation is going well, plus the independent study and the essays for the other module I have to do. Remarkably I am still enjoying it! It's just a shame there is no call for historians - if it wasn't for the cost I would book up for my MA the moment I finished. But that will have to wait. I've got to find myself a job - oh goody goody!

"What prompted me to email was the mention of the Record Office as a source of inspiration and research - oh my word - is it half! It is the sort of place that my tutors lovingly call the thief of time - what I would give to stop the clock when I enter and re-start it again when I'm ready to leave. In fact it is usually my stomach that wants to leave before I do - it's hungry work - research!

"And the index files make it so easy to start. In fact when I get back into my creative writing - expect to see me there - I've got a few little ideas bubbling away! A good book that will give some idea of what can be done with some of the sources - if anyone is interested - is Frank Grace's Rags and Bones. It's remarkable the way he pieces lives together from some of the sources.

"Oh, yes! The Record Office is a perfect place for inspiration and research.
See you all soon hopefully."

The open themed 1,500 word assignments were read by Ruth and Les.

Ruth: My Brother the Sea: (runner-up in the Bill Budner Competition and 3rd place in the Suffolk Magazine competition) : Set in Southwold with the dray horses from the brewery and stables as background. A child’s nightmare of seeing of watching the devastating consequences of her father participate in the annual Christmas Day swim.

Les: Return to the Sea: (another of the entries for the Bill Budner competition) The tragedy of the spear fisherman whose wife Aleka, was washed from the rocks by a freak wave. She screamed and was lost to the sea leaving him drained and defeated. Seeking solace he was tormented by visions of his wife.

The 500 word assignment themed on “Moving”

Dave: Moving: Written in memory of his brother-in-law Tony who died at the weekend, it tried to understand the effects of Parkinson’s Disease. (It can be read in the forums at Online Scribblers and comments or feedback will be welcomed)

Barry: Moving: An emotive work spanning the journey from children to adulthood and how a heart attack altered the outlook on life.

Liliane: Moving In: Narrated by a child. The removal men, the crates of beer, and children playing Tarzan and Jane in the garden.

Kay: Moving Earth: Lovely words from Kay, this time with heart monitors and moving earth - dust to dust..

Morag: Extract from Muddy Boots: The dilemma of Vanessa to allow her child to witness the birth of a foal.

Trish: The Move (part of a novel): Removal men left house empty but Sarah recalled the laughter before the split with her fiancée. First night in her new house she was aware of someone in the orchard watching her…

Tony: Movement: A complete fantasy quest as Honion made his journey through the forest but was caught by the beast and scythed into pieces.

Stephen: Murder on the Princess Amiable: After seventeen years the couple sold up to go on a round the world cruise. Disturbed by a gunshot on deck..

Dick: Moving On: A poem with memories of a house whose occupant left after fifty years. What will happen next and who will move in?

Next time:

For the coming meeting only! A competition for attending writers only.
750 words on any topic.
Work should be typed.
Anonymous so no names or identification marks on the paper.
All work will be placed on a table, and each writer, at a given time, will collect one story or poem and read through it.
The stories will be read out with everyone marking the work.
At the end of the evening all the marks will be entered anonymously into a box and then counted.
The winner will then be announced and a small trophy will be presented at a later date that will be held for three months until the next competition.

Our next Felixstowe Scribblers meeting is set for Tuesday 15th May at 7.30pm in the Café Libra at the Library and will be chaired by Ruth.

So until then,

Keep Scribbling!


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