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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Report of our latest meeting




In the Chair: Kay.

Apologies for absence were received from Ken who has confessed he has to work, and Ruth who is unable to attend due to her husbands work commitments.

In attendance were Dave, Judy, Rosie, Alex, Trish, Morag, Liliane, Kay, Dick, Peter, Barry, Pat, Ginny, Tony and Stephen.

A warm welcome to Ginny, who is a schoolteacher in Colchester. Ginny has been a writer for many years but most of her work has been very private. Now, with her family older, she feels the time is right to ’come out’ and write!

It was nice to Welcome Judy back again after all her travels this year.

Scribblers News:

We found out this evening that Pat has had some of her work read out on radio - so we must be proud that another of our writers has achieved some success over the years.

Judy is expecting the first bound copy of her book to be delivered later this week for a final edit before it is released for sale hopefully next month or possibly in December. Our busy travel writer is also well on the way to completing a second book, on Burma, and is very sad, as we all are, of the current events in that country.

Alex highlighted that Gordon Brown mentioned Liam Fairhurst in his Labour Conference speech and referred to his bravery in raising funds for his friend (our Jack) who died from cancer as he himself suffers from the disease. The Prime Minister promised more funding towards cancer research. Alex also thanked Dick for the way he had organised the Jack Wilkinson Memorial Walk in aid of Cancer Research and for the his well managed press releases.

Last year Maureen Budner ran a competition for both adults and children in memory of her husband Bill Budner who died suddenly early last year. The winners then were our friend Belinda who had returned to her native Australia and donated her winnings to the Scribblers to provide a trophy for a quarterly in house competition. The winner of the children’s section was Rosie who since then joined the Scribblers and has been a regular ever since. Rosie is the current holder of the trophy. It was agreed that Morag will send this information to Maureen and discuss, as she suggested earlier, a second competition in memory of Bill.

Dick reminded everyone that there is a Halloween Frite Nite at Languard Fort on 31st October from 7.15pm. Organised by the Landguard Fort Trust, tickets cost £10 each and admission is for over 18’s only. For tickets please call 01394-273013. (I note admission is from 7.15 and gates close at 8.00pm - so I guess once inside you’re a captive audience….Ed)

Gordon’s wife Rexie is arranging a trip and has tentatively booked a trip to Belgium for the 24th of November which will only cost £24.00 per person. The coach can accommodate 45 people. If you are interested please let Gordon know because the deposit will soon be needed. (If you contact scribblers.1@ntlworld.com your message will be forwarded)

The Christmas Social: will be held on Tuesday 29th January 2008 at the Grosvenor in Ranelagh Road Felixstowe. Menu and bookings will be available for our first meeting. It will be a good idea to order your meals in advance so that the chef knows what to expect! More details nearer the time.

At present our access to the official website at http://felixstowescribblers.com is denied and Alex is contacting the service provider to rectify the problem.

Despite this little setback we still have our weblog running and you can view it at the usual address - http://nar8or.blogspot.com and our Don’t forget that if you have any news of our old friends, or if you have some news you would like to share, then let us know and we will include it on our weblog.

Now for some news of the quite exciting summer competition that was organised by the Online Scribblers at http://onlinescribblers.com. As you will be aware, the open themed competition for members resulted in a first. There was a tie between Morag and Rosie so a tiebreaker was opened for one week only. The result has now been declared with Rosie, writing as Candour Typist, pipping Morag by just two votes. So well done Rosie, commiserations to Morag and all the other entrants who posted their excellent work. A new competition will begin soon and this, I am informed, will be something entirely different! Keep an eye open for information or contact Vincent West for details of membership at organiser@onlinescribblers.com.

The 1,500 word open themed homework assignments.

Pat: The Lady of the Lake:Lyrical story of a famous woman writer confronting the need to change in deepest Africa. Beautifully written and read.

Dave: Six Days: The complications of love and a Valentine’s card sent as a practical joke ended with four lives ruined on a whim.

The 500 word homework assignment on ‘Confessions‘.

Judy: Based on a true story this covers a disastrous sailing trip and the confessions of a thug who turns over a new leaf after listening to Judy’s good sense.

Tony: The Tower Room: More from Perry Trachett. Peanuts and Honions discuss a quest to find the sword of the Kings.

Rosie: Post Cabaret: What happens after the cabaret. Boy chases girl through the primeval rhythms of the night and finally makes it.

Stephen: The Wetlands: Life in the ‘hide’, watching the birds. Peter had lost his wife but remembers her through his visits to the wetlands and bird sanctuaries. A lyrical love story.

Alex: Confessions: A teacher looking back, filled with regrets and longing to reveal his hidden secret to his juniors that the story does not divulge.

Trisha: Confessional: Maggie goes to church looking for forgiveness in the confessional. She confesses to adultery. Afterwards the Father turns out tobe the lover who, in turn, would seek absolution from the Bishop.

Morag: Confessions: A note from the husband ending a marriage that is also a confession that tells the truth of what he really thinks of his wife - and what the wife thinks in response.

Liliane: Confession: A conversation about love, or the lack of it, in marriage, and the problems of dealing with real men. A husband who would really prefer to be a monk.

Kay: The Confession: Death in a Cotswold cottage, a beautiful house and a death filled basement.

Dick: The Judas Mode: The Reverend Collins gets caught by a gang of smugglers who take him for a spy, The group is led by a respected local lady schoolteacher in this historical tale.

Peter: No Catch 23: A criminal trying to get arrested to get away from his wife. He has committed twenty-two previous crimes but someone else always gets the blame. He tries to get arrested for murder but his actions result in an award for bravery instead!

Ginny: Nostalgia or Summer’s End: A short story of a day in the life of a teacher, struggling to work seeing the stranger at the petrol station and remembering the past of her youth, then coming back to earth again.

Barry: Not us: Part of a chapter of the book he is writing. Mum and the boys read a letter which means trouble especially when Dad - the policeman - arrives. The boys had found a German pilot and turned him over to the police.

Thanks to Kay for providing the notes and chairing the meeting, to Liliane for collecting the key once again, to Trish for providing a lovely box of biscuits and for a wonderful set of stories that made the evening into a really enjoyable Felixstowe Scribblers experience.

Our next meeting will be held on Tuesday 16th October in the Café Libra at Felixstowe Library. Start time 7.30 pm.

The 500 word homework theme is ‘LONDON‘ which surely invokes a whole range of creative possibilities or memories.

Tony and Barry will provide the open themed 1,500 word homework assignment.

So until next time….

Keep Scribbling!


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