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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Message from Les

Hi Dribblers, it seems that you are managing to struggle on without me; well done! I have missed you all very much but I still can't bl**dy write; I do try but I just sit at the keyboard and my mind is blank, must be going senile amongst other things! Joan and I are going to Spain for Christmas, that should be interesting, may even inspire me, hope so. I hope I can join you at the Grosvenor in January, something to look forward to. We are Pet sitting at Kessingland at the moment; six weeks this time, a long stretch but it has given us a chance to really chill out and get to know each other; I didn't know she had gone grey and she had forgotten just how handsome I was, a revelation!! Give my best wishes for a Happy Christmas to the Nibblers and warn them that I'll be back in the new year. Be lucky!! Les.

Les, whose sense of humour is really missed at meetings, is pictured here with his lovely wife Joan at a Felixstowe Scribblers Social Evening held in the Grosvenor.


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