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Friday, December 07, 2007



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In the Chair: Dave.

Apologies for absence were received from Ken, Judy and Ally.

In attendance were Debbie, Rosie, Dick, Stephen, Jane, Scott, Morag, Alex, Liliane, Peter, Ruth, Tony, Barry, and Dave.

A warm welcome was extended to Debbie who came along for the first time after discovering the Scribblers on our website. A poet, who also writes short stories, Debbie is another refreshing addition to our group.

Welcome back to Scott who now hopes to be with us for the foreseeable future after all his dance lessons. Mr Cobbler, his shoe business in Felixstowe is now hotting up as the opposition shoe repairer has closed down and Scott bemoans that he will have to work for a living now!


Ally wrote to apologise for missing another meeting. She says,

“I didn't write a piece on the theme Birthday either. Instead I went to Wickham Market to pick out two little kittens for my Birthday. It took us almost a week to decide on suitable names for the pair. Evelyn is a little black kitten with a white tummy and socks. We call her Evie most the time as she is usually purring and very affectionate. The other kitten is Grace. She was the hardest to name as she is so pretty, all grey with just a few dark stripes on her tail. She is a bit snobby sometimes and likes to choose if she will say hello or ignore you.

“You can't tell Eve off, even when she ran up the chimney and getting her down covered me in soot. I tried to wipe her down with a damp cloth but it freaked her out. She hates water. When you tell her ‘no going up the chimney’ she just looks at you and purrs and you can't stay mad for long. Grace is more laid back and is often quietly behaving in a corner. One night she managed to sneak in the bedroom before lights out and once we were tucked up in bed she jumped up to attack our feet. I have never heard her purring so happily before and kept asking Rob 'are you sure that’s not Eve in here?'

“The first week the girls didn't get on and wanted to fight each other but now they are settled in we can come home to find them cuddled up together. I love their individual characters. They are the best birthday present ever.”

I am sure that her note is a ‘Birthday’ homework in itself. So keep purring, Ally!

We also had a message from Ken who is feeling somewhat under the weather at the present time and hopes to be able to resume soon. He has been looking at the Online Scribblers site so perhaps we will see some of his work posted there during his absence. He wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Also unable to make the meeting, Judy apologises and sends an update on her book that everyone is waiting to see. Judy says:

“The book situation has improved dramatically. The useless girl that was in charge of publishing my, along with many other, books has been given the push - at last. Literally, she did nothing, leaving many of us seriously in the lurch. However, Bookforce have pulled three staff from the parent company and loaned them to Discovered Authors (same building) and I now have a super guy who is sorting it all out. Hope to have a launch date by the end of this week.” Here’s hoping for good news very soon.

Liliane reported that she saw Christine recently in Felixstowe. Christine still has visual problems but hopes that one day she will be able to attend a meeting once more.

We recently heard from our other Ken, of ‘The Lost Sock’ fame, up there in Lowestoft. Business has been slow due to all the bridge repairs in affecting the whole town but he is looking for a good Christmas and better things in the New Year. Ken sends seasonal greetings to all Scribblers old and new.

Alex attended a recent Wolsey Writers’ Workshop on script writing and says that the turnout for the guest speaker was quite disappointing. Every workshop he has attended has been extremely good and includes writing exercises. Well worth £10 of anyone’s money.

Ruth also mentioned that the course she attended was invaluable and the advice she had been given was that writer’s who try to get novels publishes are not given much credence but there are opportunities for new writers on the radio medium. Pay rates are excellent too.

On Tuesday 27th November Dave attended the WRITERS’ CAFÉ that was held in Starbucks, Ipswich. A thoroughly enjoyable evening in which he read ’Homeward Bound’ a story written as a homework assignment for the Scribblers. Starbucks was packed full of writers, and only the brave (and Dave!) read their work. With another event planned for March and two writers workshops being organised to coincide with the Ip-Art festival there are exciting times ahead for local writers. Perhaps this is an event that the Scribblers should be involved in.

Caz wanted to let you all read what Liam Fairhurst said on his Just Giving site. Liam, if you recall, began fund raising in memory of his friend Jack Wilkinson, Caz’s son, whom he met at Addenbrook’s. After Jack passed, Liam began a campaign to raise funds in memory of Jack and to date has raised a staggering £128,415.19, all going to CLIC Sargent towards a home where families can go for a holiday.

4/12/07 Well D DAY is nearly here my op is tomorrow and so I may not update this for a little while. I'm scared but know that once I get over this I can finally say 'IM CANCER FREE' Thanks to everyone who donated on STAR today to hear MARK squirm with some bugs and well done to MARK because you made my day!!! Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers. This month is child cancer awareness month so rather than sending a card why not by one of CLIC SARGENTS 'SURVIVOR BEARS' which represent the 7 out of 10 children who survive cancer and the journey they go through in overcoming physical and mental disabilities. YOU can make a difference, you have made a difference and we can all continue to do so. Thanks for your support xx

Liam’s website is at http://www.justgiving.com/liamsmile?page=4#donationtable">http://www.justgiving.com/liamsmile?page=4#donationtable

Caz asks that we pray for a speedy recovery and that Liam has his wish to be Cancer free for 2008.

January is going to be an interesting month. Our first meeting will be the AGM on the 8th January (that’s the second Tuesday of the month) followed on 22nd January (the fourth Tuesday) with the competition for the Bill Budner trophy that Rosie is keeping polished for us. Then it’s the CHRISTMAS SOCIAL on Tuesday 29th January 2008 at the Grosvenor in Ranelagh Road Felixstowe. Menu’s should be available at the start of January when bookings and meal orders will be taken.

Moving into February our meetings will revert to the usual 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of each month.


Don’t forget that our official website at http://felixstowescribblers.com is up and running and we will soon be making some additions to it so please have a look from time to time. Perhaps you would like your potted history added. Food for thought?

Most up to date information is shown on our weblog at the usual address - http://nar8or.blogspot.com Don’t forget not only do we like to hear news of our old friends, but also your news or events you‘d like mentioned. Just let us know and we will include details on our weblog.

The Online Scribblers competition, dedicated to Jack Wilkinson, revolved around a picture that was posted in the competition forum at http://onlinescribblers.com The competition has closed and all entries can be read in the competition forum and votes can be cast online for your favourite TWO pieces of work. Currently leading the pack is Caz with a poem. For fans of The Lost Sock you will find an entry mentioning the Thorpeness Monster. If you are not already a member then you need to register, free of charge, by following the online instructions or emailing Vincent West the organiser@onlinescribblers.com Please mention that you are a member of Felixstowe Scribblers as that will speed up registration.

The 1,500 word open themed homework assignments.

Liliane: Rapunzel: A humorous modern spin on the age old fairy tale including being taken prisoner by a Russian, discovering a hair tonic and eventually being blasted into space.

Stephen: The Christmas Break. Stephen’s first attempt at the long story in which he introduced and built up the characters Josh and Mel whom he was portraying and using excellent dialogue. A forerunner to a longer story.

The 500 word homework assignment on ‘Absent Friends‘.

Debbie: ‘Hope’ and ’Saucer Sky’. Two refreshing poems dramatically delivered holding the attention from the first word to the last.

Rosie: Break: Another clever contribution from Rosie - staring into the mirror when the story was still young and captivating but it all altered at page 48...

Dick: Never Again: Edith’s mood was as dark as the weather. Husband on the Oncology Ward with only three months to live. He recalls his love of daffodils…

Jane: What A Drag It Was To Know You: Once a constant part of her life, a friend for many years and an enemy too. A love hate relationship that she gave up after so much time.

Morag: The Coach Trip: Character building and setting the plot for novel number 18. Carl planned to take his mother to France. She was thrilled but had no idea of his fake passport or the real reason for the trip.

Alex: Shop Girl: Cleverly created story that was written in the female gender from a girl‘s viewpoint. It shared the feelings for her father who was a real bastard.

Peter: Surprise Meeting: A story with a twist in the tale. Folk always appreciate a party and with so many absent friends celebrating, it could only be Heaven.

Ruth: Innocence Lane: Brilliant work revisiting her novel about the father who believed he murdered his wife in his sleep. He finds his daughter in the bedroom where she had heard scratching from the wardrobe and thought it was a rat.

Tony: Inside The Semi-Detached Cave: Another instalment of this fantastic journey through the pen of a clever writer who mentions three words that pray on the mind - Morose, depressed and suicidal!

Barry: Absent Friends: Friends are spread all over the world, the family across the UK. Women use cars as a method of getting from A to B but men have a love of cars and can remember more about them than family birthdays..

Dave: Gone Missing: The friends who prepared the cottage for them when they returned from honeymoon. Had gone missing. Doorways bricked up, locks full of Polifilla, a missing suitcase and bells under the bed…

Thanks to Liliane for collecting the key once again and to everyone present for their great writing that provided another tremendous evening.

Our next meeting, the last in 2007 will be held on Tuesday 18th December in the Café Libra at Felixstowe Library. Start time 7.30 pm.

There will be no homework for this meeting. Instead please bring along four words each written on a small slip of paper. These will go into a hat followed by everyone drawing out one word then taking 10 minutes to write something about it. Remember this is Xmas and it should be fun!

Everyone has promised to bring along some drink or goodies for the little Christmas party after this.

Here’s wishing those under the weather a speedy recovery.

So until next time….

Keep Scribbling!



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