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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Online Scribblers Newsletter


Hi Online Scribblers,

It seems a long time since writing our last newsletter - back into last year and before the festive season. I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas and New Year celebrations and that life has well and truly returned to normal!

First and foremost I must welcome our new members to Online Scribblers and hope to see them posting in the forums soon. Those of you in Suffolk will know how the wheels of motion can turn slowly in the county but I hope that everyone will join in our competitions throughout the year.

We plan to run them on a regular basis and though most will be open to either short stories or poetry, I wonder if you would like a poetry only competition? Perhaps another photo based competition like last time? Please let me know so that your preferences can be arranged.

To make Online Scribblers work effectively, it is hoped there will be more interaction in the forums than last year. Certainly our first aim is to get a new competition up and running and this will begin during the coming week - you will need to keep an eye on the forums for full details. The subject this time will be “Happy Memories” and can be a short story, a poem, or a real life event. The choice is yours. There will be a maximum of 2,000 words though but anything shorter is absolutely fine.

Whilst on the competition theme, I understand from Dave at Felixstowe Scribblers that there is a free to enter competition being organised in memory of one of their writers, Bill Budner who died suddenly in 2005. His widow ran the competition last year for both adults and juniors and offered cash prizes in each category. Details have been posted in our forums, so there is yet another good reason to keep visiting our site!

Very soon we will be starting a new Ongoing Story - the third one so far. The idea is that one of our Online Scribblers will write a 200 word opening to the story on any subject and then everyone else is invited to add their own 200 word instalment. Once the opening lines are posted then it is up to us to do our best to keep the story moving on, complete with any twists and turns that will maintain interest! So my friends, it is over to you!

There are a couple of other items that have had only a lukewarm response in the past. If you would like feedback on any of your work, then please feel free to use our forums. If you have never posted before, or if you are a little shy of what other members may think, please don’t worry. First and foremost this is aimed at being a ‘service’ to help you and feedback can be given in the forum or messaged to you privately. In the past some members have posted and benefited from the comments they received. Another good thing is that anything posted in the members only forums can only be read by our own members so your work is protected from the open access of the Internet.

Perhaps you may know of some writing competitions or literary events that may interest other members - please feel free to post them in the forums. And what of your favourite books or poems? How about posting something about them?

We will do our best to meet your needs so, don’t forget to let us know what they are!

Have a successful 2008 with us at Online Scribblers!

Vincent West


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