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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Our next meeting - The Bill Budner Anonymous Competition

Our first two winners of the Bill Budner Trophy, Tony and Rosie.
Who will be lucky this time?

Our next meeting will be held on Tuesday 22nd January at the Library. To give you prior notice of the anonymous competition and allow you time to prepare your work for the Bill Budner Trophy, the rules are as follows.

Up to 1,000 words on any topic.
Work should be typed.
Anonymous so no names or identification marks on the paper.
All work will be placed on a table, and each writer, at a given time, will collect one story or poem and have a few minutes to familiarise themselves with it.
The stories will be read out with everyone marking the work.
At the end of the evening all the marks will be entered anonymously into a box and then counted.
The Bill Budner Trophy will be presented to the writer with the most votes and after engraving by Scott at Mr Cobbler, will be held until the next anonymous competition in four months time.
Please note that this competiton is only open to writers attending the meeting.

Best of luck and Keep Scribbling!


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