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Monday, December 10, 2007


Cast your mind back twelve months or so and you may recall our talented writer Gordon who used to have us in fits of laughter with some hilarious adult versions of Noddy. Well Gordon has been working on his 'Nightmare at Norbridge' parts of which he shared with us at Scribblers. Now, at long last he has decided to try and make a few bob from it and posted it on Lulu, where you can purchase it.

Gordon says, "I have finally made a downloadable version of Nightmare at Norbridge available to the public on Lulu. (The self publishing site I mentioned to you a while back) Just in time for Xmas, should anyone have 50p to spare! All they have to do is type Lulu Publishing into their browser to bring up details of the site. I am hoping that sales will reach the 1000 mark by Xmas. I've made an encouraging start, currently being a mere 998 short of my target!"

Knowing Gordon, this will be an hilarious read...so go on, help him make his fortune!


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