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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Update on brave Liam

Here is the up to the minute news of Liam the lad who has raised nearly £150,000 in Jack’s memory….

I wanted to share with you the following that I have just received from Sarah (Liam's Mum).

"Recent scans on Liam’s lungs have shown that the tumour they set out to remove in December is still there and more than doubled in size (roughly 3cm in diameter). This would appear to indicate that the chemo is not holding the disease and he has therefore been taken off of it. However there were no other tumours or re-growth in his lungs and providing the MRI on his leg show a similar result ADDENBROOKES have agreed to surgically remove the remaining tumour on 23/04/08. Ironically the increase in its size will make it easier to find and with good sections taken around it, Liam will then go straight into remission with no further chemo or treatment.

We are hoping that this remission will be long lasting if not indefinite, but if further tumours appear Liam will be placed on a PHASE 2 trial as and when the needs arises and trial are available. Although apprehensive Liam like us just wants this thing out so he can get back to normal (although we would argue he is doing a great job of being normal at present.)

He has been nominated for two national fundraiser of the year awards, one of which he is short listed for (the ceremony taking place in July) and has nearly hit £150K. We are grateful for all the support we as a family have received from you and count you all as an integral part of his amazing recovery this far.

Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers."

We, as you, will continue to pray for this lovely, amazing, incredible young lad and his family.

Lots of love to you all



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