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Friday, October 17, 2008

Our Next Meeting

Just a few lines to remind you about our next meeting which takes place this coming Tuesday, 21st October starting at 7.30pm in the Café Libra at our favourite Felixstowe Library. As we approach Halloween so both the 500 word homework and, for one meeting only, the 1,500 word assignment will be on a Halloween, ghost, or spooky subject. To add to all the atmospherics, members are asked to bring along torches as all stories will be read by torchlight. Candles will not be allowed!

We ran a similar meeting about three years ago now and that was very enjoyable though for some, a bit spooky! Leading the way with a long piece will be Landguard Forts own Dick, master of ceremonies and ghost speaker extraordinaire... now that's a pretty good build up so I am sure he won't let us down! The other long piece will be by yours truly....

At our last meeting Ruth mentioned our next Social and hopefully we will have some plans to discuss and maybe a decision or two to be taken...

Had a message from Scott (http://www.mrcobblerandmrlocks.co.uk) a couple of weeks ago and he tells me that both he and Aimee have passed their first kickboxing grade to become red belts and then a few days later Aimee became a blue belt in aiki jutsu and Scott got his black belt. With high ambitions Scott only has another three black belts to go.

Hope to 'see' you or, at least hear you on Tuesday.... could be a wee bit spooky.......

Keep screamin'!


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