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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Report of the last meeting




In the Chair: Ruth.

Apologies for absence were received from Dick (holiday) Morag (Vets dinner) and Les.

In attendance: Liliane, Angela, Trish, Alex, Jane, Peter, Barry, Dave, Tony, Lauren, Rosie, Stephen, Ruth and surprise visitor Margareta.


It was nice to welcome Margareta to a Scribblers meeting once again. It is a long time since she attended, but living in Austria one can understand. Although not having any written work to read out she very kindly donated a prize to the winner of the Bill Budner competition and presented the trophy to the winner. There is a picture on our weblog.

Margareta has just sent an email that says: Just a line or two to thank you very much for the very friendly welcome. Fellows (writers) are all so talented and creative, I enjoyed their pieces, glad I was allowed to vote – Am flying back on Saturday, with my son Thomas - he is in Cambridge attending a students workshop, will join me in Felixstowe tomorrow and then we fly home from Stansted together.
Wishing you all the best - thanks for keeping in touch. Margareta.

Rushmere Players. Next play October 17th. Details below, and also on weblog. Tickets from Ruth or Tony.

‘Just a quick hello to my Scribblers friends’ from Scott who says:

‘Aimee and I have been very busy working late at her office on Friday nights to get my new website off the ground. It’s gone live and you can see it at www.mrcobblerandmrlocks.co.uk

‘I have also redone my shop front inside and out whilst roof is about to be repaired. I am also in the process of getting my garden paved, as I said it’s been crazy! That’s not all either. We graded in karate a few weeks back and are now red belts. I have my Black belt grading for aiki jutsu in two weeks followed by my kick boxing grading the same week. On top of all this we have started judo on Monday nights, so I'm now aiming for four black belts by the time I'm forty.

‘You must be thinking this is it, but wait! Due to all the martial arts we have sadly stopped dancing due to lack of time. But there is still more as I have just started a new venture at work doing mug (coffee mugs not faces) printing with Aimee's office starting the ball rolling with sixty mugs off me so far and they just sent out an e-mail out for me to 570 companies, so I may be up to my eyes in mugs soon.

‘Following this success I am about to purchase a machine that will do t-shirt prints, mouse mats, caps, badges, teddy bears and a whole host of other things. So as you can see I'm still alive (just), but I have been very busy. Oh and just for good fun I still repair shoes!’

Where does Scott get his energy?

Di has also been in touch. She says

‘It has been ages since I attended a Scribblers meeting. Tuesdays are difficult at the moment because I have started a part time job and work all day on a Tuesday and Felixstowe is a bit of a trek for me when I am tired. When I get into the new routines, I will hopefully make at least one meeting a month. I miss the writing environment and always feel so inspired when attending. I am still writing (how could I ever stop!!) My novel is coming together slowly and I am thoroughly enjoying writing it! I've got about 6 chapters written but they are only in a first draft. I am quickly discovering that ideas I had for plots have to be changed to make sure the novel has a good pace etc, indeed some of my initial ideas don't work, but gradually a story is unravelling around my central characters. There is still a long way to go but I am quietly encouraged with my progress so far. I don't know if this will have any bearing on whether or not the end result is publishable, but I don't really care (something I never thought I would feel!) because I am enjoying the story and enjoying writing it.

My love to all at Scribblers and hopefully I will see you all soon. Di’

Tony has organised another Evening of Musical Mayhem on Saturday October 25th starting at 7.30pm at his home it will continue until it finishes! Nibbles will be provided but everyone is invited to contribute and, why not take a bottle along (preferably not an empty one!)

Rexie and Gordon, on behalf of the children of Pulilan foundation say that their charity is having a Christmas prize draw in December and we need people to sell tickets so if you are able to help please contact them at childrenofpulilanfoundation@hotmail.com There are nearly forty prizes on offer including three cash ones.

Ruth mentioned this site http://www.authonomy.com/ where you can upload your novel and get feedback. The top 5 each month will be read by Harper Collins editors.

ARE THERE ANY SCRIBBLERS INTERESTED IN reviewing Night Must Fall at Deben High School Studio - 30th Oct to 1st Nov. See the interesting website at www.onesuffolk.co.uk/onesuffolkwriters. They are looking for people to review shows.

The second Jack Wilkinson Memorial Walk in aid of Cancer Research took place on Sunday 14th September. The organiser Doreen Giff was quoted in the Evening Star as being disappointed with the numbers who joined in. The Scribblers agreed all monies from tonight’s coffee fund should be donated, going to Cancer Research.


This was our 5th Bill Budner Trophy Competition, with a very diverse selection of excellent stories. A thoroughly enjoyable evening was had by all!

1. Lifelines (by Angela)
2. When Father papered the Parlour (by Dave)
3. The Gentle Man (by Barry)
4. Island (by Lauren)
5. Miles from Anywhere (by Lillian)
6. The Face (by Peter)
7. The Big Drip (by Tony)
8. Outside the Box (Rosie)
9. The Hell Factor (by Jane)
10. Brave (by Ruth)

Winners: 1st Ruth, 2nd Dick, and 3rd Jane.
Congratulations to Ruth! See photo on weblog of Ruth receiving the trophy from our guest of honour, Margareta.

Thanks to Ruth for chairing the meeting and providing the notes.

Our Next Meeting is in THREE weeks time in the Café Libra, Felixstowe Library, on Tuesday 7th October, at 7.30pm.

The 500 word homework assignment is ‘TROPHY’ with the 1,500 word open themed work to be read by Ruth and Liliane.

Chairperson next time: To be confirmed.

Until then,

Keep Scribbling!


I don't know if you've seen details of our recently launched internet reviewers group - www.onesuffolk.co.uk/onesuffolkwriters

We are very keen to increase the number of reviewers contributing to the site and we'd by very happy to work with you as a group or individually. Is this something you would be interested in?

In the meantime we are trying to find someone to review Night Must Fall at Deben High School Studio - 30th Oct to 1st Nov. Would one of your group be interested in covering this?

Do email or call on 07905 438 051 (m) 01473 583 891 (office) if you have any questions.

Adrian Lynch

Rushmere Players present Hilary versus Rhinoceros, an evening of Absurdist Drama (with a fish and chip supper) at Rushmere Primary School, Lanark Road, Ipswich on Saturday 18th October at 7.30pm. Tickets, including the supper, are £8.00 in advance and may be ordered from the ticketline at 01473-604655



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