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Friday, October 24, 2008

Report of Meeting




In the Chair: Alex.

Apologies: Ruth and Morag

Present: Dick, Dave, Peter, Barry, Tony, Liliane, Jane, Jack, Rosie, Lauren, Trish, Angela, Alex and a warm welcome to new member Adrienne.


The meeting was held in Café Libra by torchlight, well done to Lauren and Rosie for adding to the atmosphere with their fancy dress. Thanks once again for Lauren for the teacakes and thanks to Trish for the wine and the Pringles which she bought for a belated birthday celebration.

Dick reported that his ghost pamphlet was being revamped and he was going to be paid some royalties. Lauren said she had had progress on a writers internet forum she had been taking part in with 500 word submissions. Jane had made seventh place in the last Coast to Coast competition with ‘Hell Factor’. Alex said he had had to quit his UEA course due to the £1200 cost of the next module and was very disappointed.

Tony reported the success of Rushmere Players evening of Absurdist Drama along with a fish and chip supper last weekend. And now invites you to his ‘Evening of Musical Mayhem’ this Saturday October 25th starting at 7.30pm at his home it will continue until it finishes! Nibbles will be provided but everyone is invited to go attend preferably with some other nibbles and a bottle or two of plonk.

Morag, whose mother is unwell, says a heartfelt thanks for the card Jane sent on behalf of the Scribblers. She hopes to be able to attend again soon. She brings news about our
Judy who is giving a talk at Woodbridge library on Sunday November 23rd at 2pm about her book, Ships That Pass In The Night. She will also be selling signed copies. Morag will be there as she is working that day, and thinks it would be great if some familiar faces could go along to support her in what will doubtless be an entertaining talk.


We are thinking of doing something different for our next Social in January. Please see the options at the end of this report and those who wish to attend or comment on the choices available should email the secretary as soon as possible with date and venue choice etc.

The Platform:

Dave read the first long piece ‘Hotel de Luxe’ a story of spooky goings on that turned in to a pre death hallucination.
Dick read the second ‘House Rules’ about mysterious goings on in a vampire funeral parlour.

Lauren – ‘Sally’ – a conversational piece about a chance meeting in a shopping centre.
Trish - ‘Storms’ – a story of a girl sitting alone in a storm
Jack – ‘Family Tree’ – a very imaginative piece about a trans-generational curse.
Jane – ‘Felixstowe Scribblers’ – got the evenings first round of applause with her piece about spooky goings on in a certain writers circle.
Liliane – ’13 of us and Elsa’ – about a family of ghosts.
Alex – ‘The Gulls’ – about a day out with a group of special needs people.
Tony - ‘Awakement’ – departed from the Novel and read the story of a monster waking up in a mortuary.
Peter – ‘The voice in the dark’ – who is Simon and what does he want?
Angela – ‘Nightwalk,’ – the story of someone waking and going out into the freezing night.
Barry – ‘Sisters’ – the poolside reminiscences of the wife of a banker.
Adrienne – ‘Yaya’ a piece from the children’s book she is presently working on.
Rosie – finished up with ‘Scripted’ which departed from her usual style and was in the sci-fi genre.

Next time:

The next meeting will be on the 4th November and the subject for the 500 word assignment will be ‘Fairies’ as chosen by Adrienne. The 1,500 word work will be by Rosie and Angela.

Chairperson next time: Barry

Until then,

Keep Scribbling!

Support those who support us! Have a look at Scott’s website at http://www.mrcobblerandmrlocks.co.uk

Dear Scribblers,

We are thinking about doing something a bit different for our January meal, and wanted to canvas your views. The alternative suggestions are :

1. The Castle Lodge Hotel. We would have the whole dining room to ourselves, and there is a small bar. There is also a lounge area.
We could have a 3 course meal (starter/main course/dessert), followed by coffee and mints for £15. (Note: It is possible this price may be subsidised from the Scribblers account).

Another option would be a buffet, with quiche/meat/salads/puddings.

As this is a more `formal` do, maybe we should have it on a Saturday rather than a Tuesday?

Partners would be invited too.

2. A guest speaker. Maureen Blundel, who writes as Roz Collier, has self-published 3 novels. She is an editor who runs courses in Greece & Suffolk. She would come to our meal and give a brief talk (20 mins?) about a chosen subject. (self publishing? How to self-edit?)

As she would be staying in the hotel, she would also be available during the day for 1 to 1 editing, at a cost of £15 for one hour. This could be to look at a short story or part of a novel. Alternatively, she could run a small group session looking at narrative structure / character / plot development etc.

So, please can you let us know your preferences:

1. Keep the January meal at The Grosvernor as usual.

2. Go for the 3 course meal at the Castle Lodge Hotel.

3. Go for the buffet at the Castle Lodge Hotel.

4. Suggested day (Tuesday 27th January 2009 or on Saturday 24th or 31st January )

5. Suggested subject for Maureen to talk about………..

6. Would you be interested in a 1 to 1 session with Maureen?

7. Would you be interested in a group session on editing?

Please reply to scribblers@btinternet.com



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